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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Blast From the Past

A few weeks ago my mom was going thru some more of my grandmothers personal belongings and came across some old photographic negatives. She decided to take a chance on getting them developed to see how good they would come out and we were amazingly suprised. The format was so old that they had to be taken to a professional photographer for developing at a much higher cost than your usual photo outlets. Well, you can see a couple of the incredible results below.

Unfortunately, since my grandmother has now passed away and my grandfather died over 30 years ago, we may never learn the story of why and where these photos were taken. We do know that the year was 1928 and that it was somewhere in the New Orleans area and they were roughly 20 years old. Don't my grandparents make a great looking couple?

There's still tons of boxes and old belongings that remain to be looked thru, who knows what we'll find!

Hope you guys have a killer new year holiday! Have fun and drink a few for me!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Cheer

Here's wishing all you guys a very happy holiday! It's been a great year and I've a lot to be thankful for including all my cool friends and customers here in our virtual world. Be good and maybe Santa won't come gunning for you!

I've been very bad, if I'm lucky he might bring me a nice lump of coal!

Monday, December 18, 2006

'tis the season to get spammed...

I don't know about you guys but the amount of inbox spam I've been getting lately is just way off the charts! Everything from the lamest sounding home refinance offers, drugs, watches and porn. It's just incredible! No matter how many you block, dozens more arrive every fifteen minutes! I know it has everything to do with the season too. They think people are more in a "spending mood".
I'm more likely to jump into a live volcano or eat razor blades for breakfast than I would be to click on one of these email links, let alone actually purchase something from these annoying fuckheads.

I especially resent the "enlarge your pen!s" just in time for Christmas ads. Apparently Santa gives better gifts to men that are well hung or something. And hell, why not display your Christmas spirit with a huge pen!s?? Hang a stocking on it! Now, I admit, the drug ads are a good idea, who doesn't want to be totally drugged up for Christmas? Count me in!! Nothing like being in a drug induced stupor on such a wonderful day, huh? No drug underdoses for me!!

And, you can be sure I'll be the first one lining up to send money for a "genuine" Rolex watch from a website run by a guy named "Akmed" who's website link looks like total gibberish. Yeah, right.... not in their fucking dreams.

I'm starting to think these people are nothing more than "email terrorists" the way they hold our inboxes hostage, clog up the internet with useless crap and send our stress factor up using extremely lame attempts to get us to part with our hard earned money. It's a good thing some of them are so ridiculous that they're actually quite funny and somewhat entertaining!

Die, spam-tards, Die!!
Friday, December 15, 2006

Be Your Own Soda Jerk

Has anyone else tried this? One day I thought it might be fun to experiment with different soft drink combinations. Mixing and matching your own favorite flavors at self-serve soda fountains that are so common at fast food places these days. So far my favorite combination is Diet Pepsi with a good shot of Tropicana Lemonade on top. Delicious!
I've tried Coke and Fruit Punch, Root Beer and Mtn Dew and a whole bunch of others. Some were pretty good, some were terrible. But, hey you can always just give it a taste and if you don't like it, pour it out and start over! It's help yourself after all!
Give it a try yourself and post your favorite combos, I want to hear a few that you guys can dream up.

I've still been so busy with blog work that I can barely catch my breath! Here's a few new ones I've done since the last mentions: A new one for Sara at Life is a Journey, a website called Science and Supermodels, Nascar Rants, New Orleans Womens Golf Assoc., Nappily Evah Aftah, Bobology, Are We There Yet?, and The Sinister Minister.

I'm also selling PayPal gift certificates that can be purchased in multiple denominations toward a new template at my Blogs Gone Wild! site just in time for Christmas.

I'm also working on a project with a company to develop 10 blog themes for a scientific blogging community using a publishing platform called Drupal. I'm having to learn the system from scratch, but I like it! Drupal is like Wordpress on steroids, with a heavy duty content management system, multiple users and very customizable themes. I'm also in the middle of doing more personal blog skins.

And, in between all that I've also put up a whole bunch of new free to download themes at my Free Blogger Skins site. I sure hope all this work keeps coming in!

Hey!! I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!
Friday, December 08, 2006

Marking the Territory

Over the years I've realized that people have some very strange behaviors and habits. One thing that is very rarely discussed is some of the rituals and social interaction in the mens room. Here's a few of my character observations, the names I totally made up but I think they cover it pretty well.

The Tinkle Belle - This guy is almost dainty in the way he approaches the task. Unzips it very carefully, making double-damn sure nothing gets caught or something. Might look around once or twice in the process, throws a half-embarrased quick smile at anyone else in the room and then rezips with even more care. Definitely looks down while zipping just to make sure! Always washes and dries his hands!

The Hunchback - This guy reminds me of Quasimodo the way he hunches over the urinal. Gets as close as he can and shields the action with his arms and elbows while he goes. Makes damn sure no one can see what's going on down there! Stares straight down in front the entire time. Sometimes I think they're secretly inspecting stolen microfilm or possibly worried about getting a fluorescent light burn on the equipment. Who knows?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Flash - This guy is all business, walks in very quickly and heads straight for the closest station. Has it already unzipped when he's still walking in up to 5 feet away. Drains it in about 10 seconds flat and is still zipping up as he heads for the door to leave! Doesn't have time to inspect for proper closure and never washes his fucking hands! Duuuude!!! WTF?

The Howie Mandel aka The Monk - The germophobe. You can tell this guy is appalled that he is forced to use a public facility by the look on his face. It doesn't matter if it's at the nasty downtown bus station or the whistle-clean one adjacent to the operating room at the local hospital. Cleanliness is THE issue here. Probably pulls it out with a kleenex to avoid touching himself then washes his hands for fifteen minutes when he's done. Actually carries and uses sterile handi-wipes to finish up. Uses a paper towel to hold the door handle when leaving. You need some serious help dude!!

The Wallflower - This guy probably has some wacky social issues. Looks embarrased the entire time he's in the room and always hangs back waiting till everyone else is gone so he can do it in total privacy. It doesn't matter if there's a couple of empty stations, and usually feigns preoccupation with combing his hair in the mirror while waiting. He's not fooling anyone though. Momma probably told him that using the toilet was naughty!! Or he was voted most likely to become an adult bedwetter. Who knows?

The Urine Retentive - This guy obviously held it for as loooooong as possible, way, way too long in fact and when he arrives the stations are all full. Fun to watch as he shifts his feet, holding his crotch, dancing very impatiently like a child while waiting for a spot to relieve himself. This is probably the asshole that pisses all over the seats in the toilet stalls because he waited too long to show up. He has to go so bad that he can't wait for a urinal and he definitely doesn't have time to lift the fucking seat!

The Urinal Talker - This dude has to run his mouth and chat with anyone that will listen while he's doing his duty. Dude, I don't care what your favorite NFL team did and I don't wanna hear about the new truck you just bought. Or that you "got lucky" at this club the night before. I don't know you and I'm not in the habit of making bathroom buddies. Standing at the next urinal doesn't count as being neighbors! That's just too freaking weird. Just shut up!

The Straight Man - Just walks in quietly and stares dead ahead at the wall studying it carefully for cracks or something, who knows? You barely know he came and went, just as it should be, never leaves a mess and always washes his hands.

The Superman - This guy thinks he can pee over tall buildings in a single bound. Pees with an "I don't give a shit" attitude. Doesn't bother to stand close enough to the facility. Stands with shoulders back, crotch forward and just let's it fly, not caring what he hits. If he was wearing a cape it would be flying in his imaginary breeze behind him. This nasty bastard always dribbles all over the damn floor. Yeah, thanks dude, we love walking in your fucking pee, asssssshole! This is the guy that inspired the expression "Stand Close, It's Shorter Than You Think".

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Forrest Tucker - Could be any of the guys above except for the Flash but he also has some kind of appearance issues. It takes him about 5 minutes to get his shirt properly tucked in, jamming it down all round 3 or 4 times before zipping up and buckling his belt. Inspects himself carefully all around in the mirror several times and might actually redo his shirt tucking ritual again if not totally satisfied with the results. Always hogs the damn mirror, move over dude!

I'm sure the guys aren't alone in this. I'll bet there's female counterparts to some of the characters above. What about it ladies? Any wacky ladies room rituals or characters you wanna share with us?

Have a great weekend!!!!
Monday, December 04, 2006

Perverted Pleasure

I've got a new addiction. Yes, I admit it freely and I just can't seem to help myself. I blame Lisa for it too, she introduced me to this exciting new pleasure. Now, we have to discuss it just after we've satisfied our desire by watching To Catch a Predator on Dateline: NBC on the Saturday nights when it airs. Have you guys seen this show? I love watching the pedophiles getting their just desserts when they show up for a rendezvous with an underage decoy that they've "found" on the internet.
The excuses they stammer out are hilarious and stupid, claiming they weren't really "going to do anything" or they came to "talk them out of it". The condoms and alcohol they bring along tell a different story! The men that show up are from all walks of life, baptist ministers, prominent doctors, military personnel, truck drivers, corporate big wigs and even jewish rabbis!

Of course my favorite part is the arrests, watching the cops throw down on these scum bags is always so cool! Some even try to run or they attempt to take on half a dozen cops like they have a chance in hell! LOL One thing I noticed that they all seem to have in common is that they don't understand that they broke the law before they even showed up at the sting. Soliciting sex with a minor is a major offense, the sting just makes it easier to take them into custody. Putting their faces on national TV during the sting is icing on the cake!

The sting operation is actually carried out by a group called Perverted Justice in cooperation with NBC and the local police. The stings have been carried out in various places around the country and are always great fun to watch!

One town however wasn't too particularly pleased with having pedophiles "invited" into their town. Some residents of Murphy, Texas were particularly vocal and attempted a recall of their local police chief for allowing the sting to take place there. It seemed to make no difference that some of the people caught were actually local with most of them living within a half hours drive. Apparently they like having pedophiles roaming freely, unchecked. I guess you could say they are "pro sexual predator". How's that for a town reputation! Here's more on the Murphy, Texas controversy.

Here's a quote:

I am begging you to stop the Murphy Police Department from being involved in these Internet Child Predators "Stings". I DO NOT WANT THESE CRIMINALS BROUGHT TO OUR TOWN ON PURPOSE! These arrests statistics are now on file for our town. When anyone researches these statistics, they will find Murphy to be a haven for these types of arrests. The unusually elevated numbers is NOT the reputation that we need. I don't want people to think "Child Predators" when they hear the name Murphy. The police response that "We are getting them off the street and they now should know not to come to Murphy or be arrested", is crazy.

Awwww, not in their town? They're full of shit! WTF were these morons thinking, it IS happening in their town whether they like it or not. They should be proud that their local law enforcement is taking a stand instead of trying to run them out of office. Fucking rednecks! LOL