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Monday, December 04, 2006

Perverted Pleasure

I've got a new addiction. Yes, I admit it freely and I just can't seem to help myself. I blame Lisa for it too, she introduced me to this exciting new pleasure. Now, we have to discuss it just after we've satisfied our desire by watching To Catch a Predator on Dateline: NBC on the Saturday nights when it airs. Have you guys seen this show? I love watching the pedophiles getting their just desserts when they show up for a rendezvous with an underage decoy that they've "found" on the internet.
The excuses they stammer out are hilarious and stupid, claiming they weren't really "going to do anything" or they came to "talk them out of it". The condoms and alcohol they bring along tell a different story! The men that show up are from all walks of life, baptist ministers, prominent doctors, military personnel, truck drivers, corporate big wigs and even jewish rabbis!

Of course my favorite part is the arrests, watching the cops throw down on these scum bags is always so cool! Some even try to run or they attempt to take on half a dozen cops like they have a chance in hell! LOL One thing I noticed that they all seem to have in common is that they don't understand that they broke the law before they even showed up at the sting. Soliciting sex with a minor is a major offense, the sting just makes it easier to take them into custody. Putting their faces on national TV during the sting is icing on the cake!

The sting operation is actually carried out by a group called Perverted Justice in cooperation with NBC and the local police. The stings have been carried out in various places around the country and are always great fun to watch!

One town however wasn't too particularly pleased with having pedophiles "invited" into their town. Some residents of Murphy, Texas were particularly vocal and attempted a recall of their local police chief for allowing the sting to take place there. It seemed to make no difference that some of the people caught were actually local with most of them living within a half hours drive. Apparently they like having pedophiles roaming freely, unchecked. I guess you could say they are "pro sexual predator". How's that for a town reputation! Here's more on the Murphy, Texas controversy.

Here's a quote:

I am begging you to stop the Murphy Police Department from being involved in these Internet Child Predators "Stings". I DO NOT WANT THESE CRIMINALS BROUGHT TO OUR TOWN ON PURPOSE! These arrests statistics are now on file for our town. When anyone researches these statistics, they will find Murphy to be a haven for these types of arrests. The unusually elevated numbers is NOT the reputation that we need. I don't want people to think "Child Predators" when they hear the name Murphy. The police response that "We are getting them off the street and they now should know not to come to Murphy or be arrested", is crazy.

Awwww, not in their town? They're full of shit! WTF were these morons thinking, it IS happening in their town whether they like it or not. They should be proud that their local law enforcement is taking a stand instead of trying to run them out of office. Fucking rednecks! LOL