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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time For Some Silliness!! Dammit!

I think it's about time for some silliness around here. I'm sick and tired of all the depressing stuff going on so here's a few things I've come across or dreamed up lately!

Sometimes you just never know what you might find by reading the fine print on product labels. Looks just like a normal can of sweet peas right?

But then you zoom in on the fine print at the bottom and what do you see? Ugggh!! OMFG!!

Always read that label!!

Sometimes a company brings out a new product and they just don't get it quite right. Here's a perfect example of what I'm talking about!

    Of course they stayed crunchy in milk (the bones and hooves!) but for some reason people just didn't buy them until they changed the name. It's all in the name folks!!

    I've wondered about the eerie similarities between these two guys for some time now and was curious if anyone else noticed that too. I made up a little image for close comparison to help explain my case.

    Here's a few examples:
    1. They're both kings of something, one is king of burgers the other is king of schlock!
    2. They both prance around like a couple of "queens"!
    3. They both creep everyone out with their unnerving appearances.
    4. One loves to serve up lots of kids meals and the other one loves to enjoy lots of "kids meals"! (if you catch my drift!)
    5. One gives away toys with his kids meals and the other gives toys to get his "kids meals".
    6. They've both probably used lines like: "Hey kids help me find the "cheeseburger" in my pants"!

    I'm sure there's lots' more similarities than that, can you guys think up any good ones? hehe