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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Power of Suggestion by Lisa (guest post)

I've been feeling extremely crappy the past couple months with the chemo seriously kicking my ass that writing anything at all has just been too much of an effort. About 10 minutes at my PC is all I can handle at a time, I've been so weak. I really appreciate you guys coming by here, many thanks for all of your encouraging comments. Hopefully, I'll be done with it in another month or three!! Major kudos goes out to Lisa for cheering me up with lots of very kind and supportive phone calls and emails. I asked her if she would mind writing up a guest post to help keep my blog alive and she sent something I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Here's Lisa!!

After a really annoying day, (don't ask,) my friend came over and we
decided to go to a favorite bakery and treat ourselves. Their
specialty? Cupcakes. Hers was cappuccino with chocolate frosting, and
mine was lemon with buttercream frosting. Everything got immediately
better within 10 minutes.

I was telling Se7en this story and we got into a lengthy discussion
about cupcakes. What our favorites were, homemade vs store bought,
frosting, etc..

He called the next day.

Se7en: "You and your cupcakes."

Lisa: "Huh?"

Se7en: "I had to go to the store yesterday for some breakfast stuff. I
was looking around and there was a box of freshly baked cupcakes. So of
course I HAD to buy some."

Lisa: Laughing uncontrollably, "I really got to you, huh?"

Se7en: "Yes you did."

Lisa: "So how many have you eaten?"

Se7en: "Just one so far, I do have SOME willpower."

Lisa: Still giggling, "You better watch out, they will be calling
your name in the middle of the night."

Se7en: "Probably so."

Next time I will call Se7en after I've eaten some cake.


I'm evil that way.

Aw crap. Now I want a cupcake.