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Monday, April 24, 2006

We Gonna Have Big Fun on the Bayou!

Lisa will be arriving in New Orleans in a few days and we've got tons of fun stuff planned. This will be her first visit here since we met and I'm looking forward to showing her around as much as possible. She's been to N.O. quite a few times before but now she gets to see MY New Orleans and all the stuff that I consider to be fun. First off we'll be hitting the Jazz Fest which starts this weekend and that's always a blast! There's another, smaller Cajun Festival coming up this weekend as well which we plan on attending for the food and music. Fried alligator tail anyone? Delicious!! Of course we'll be cruising the quarter and probably do an uptown tour of the Garden District and hopefully hit some of my favorite off the beaten path super cool places.

In other news we're gearing up for the next hurricane season which will be open in just a few short weeks. As you can see in the picture below, we'll be more than ready this time around! Hell yeah! Now, if I could just remember where I put that stack of life preservers...

Looks like fun don't it? LOL

Speaking of fun, things are going pretty damn good over at my website, it's popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, you guys should stop by and say hello and check out some of the cool content I have up in my Blogging Help pages, you might learn a thing or two or three, and I have tons more planned. I've got a linked article up about Blogging Like a Rock Star, check it out when you get a chance, it's a great read. I just wish that I had written it hehe.

You guys have a great week, I know I will and I can't wait till Lisa arrives... woohoo!