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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Drama Never Ends...

Things here in New Orleans still hasn't changed very much, we still have a FEMA trailer out in front of the house, just like most of our neighbors, the house itself is still a shambles with all the walls torn out and the roof is still crushed in the rear from the tree falling on it. The Army Corps of Engineers came out months ago and put blue tarps up there to keep the rain from causing further damage to the interior but now most of that has blown away from the high winds we've been experiencing here lately. LOL The big thing is still waiting on government approvals and permits, survey results, applications for grants to either raise the house or level it and rebuild from scratch. In other words tons of red tape resulting from bureaucratic foot dragging. And we're just one of the many thousands in the same boat.

How the hell do they expect people to get their lives back together and rebuild an entire city when you can't even get one fucking house repaired in a timely fashion? Beats the hell out of me!

Most of you know about my liver transplant, and it's now getting close to it's 2 year anniversary, yay me! July 10 will be 2 years which is pretty damn awesome considering I never expected to live long enough to even get the transplant in the first place. But, even that's not all said and done though, I've talked about getting chemotherapy treatment to try to cure the virus that destroyed my liver in the first place, something that I had planned on starting nearly a year ago. They expect the therapy to last 6 to 7 months and because of circumstances out of my control the starting date keeps getting pushed further anmd further back.

One of the biggest obstacles of late has been the aftermath of Katrina. My doctors offices are still closed here in New Orleans from hurricane damage and they are working out of borrowed space 2 days a week up in Baton Rouge. Every trip to see them means a 160 mile round trip for me, what a pain in the ass! They need to be able to monitor me closely to start the chemo which will be impossible from such a long distance so I'm forced to wait till they rebuild their offices in New Orleans. What a mess, and the doctors and staff are in the same boat as everyone else, with heavily damaged or destroyed homes.

I visited my doctor in Baton Rouge last week for a check up and now I've found out that there's a new obstacle to getting the chemo out of the way. I have a small, odd bulge in my upper stomach area just below my ribs along the 14 inch transplant scar line that is apparently a defect from the operation where my stomach muscles have separated and now I've got to have surgery to have that shit fixed. LOL They tell me that has to be repaired sooner than later and it will have to be completely healed up before the chemo can begin! The problem is that the chemotherapy can cause your body to heal very slowly from any type of trauma and anything like surgery will be totally out of the question during that 6 to 7 month period. So my life is still in a freakish holding pattern that seems to go on and on and on.

Yeah, the drama never ends...

But hell, I'm in good spirits overall, I'm staying plenty busy, I bury myself in my web work and I'm happy as hell to be alive! And in spite of all the crap there's shitloads of good things happening that make me laugh and smile everyday. Each day you wake up breathing is a good day! hehe

So, I'm far from whining "woe is me" and I know for a fact that I'll be fine in the end, life wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't hard right? Sometimes you do wonder though, does it have to be this much fun? LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!