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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rattle and Hum

Lots of cool stuff going on around here lately. Sorry about the lack of updates! I've been one very busy guy since I returned from NYC. I've got shitloads of work to do thanks to a very cool new customer that I'm creating a major mondo porno web site for! LOL The site features all kinds of stuff like xxx dvd's, clothing, and sex toys. When it's completed I'll have to put up the link for you guys to check it out! It's looking very cool! A nice big job for me, the only problem I have with it is, how can I comfortably brag about the job in my future resumes and portfolio? Hmmm...

Baptist church minister: Hello, Mr se7en? Yes, well, so far we really like the new web design you're doing for our church in Holy Hill, Alabama. And well, we really like your work but we just noticed this one site in your portfolio that has some... ahem... questionable content and now we're not so sure you're the right company for the job...

se7en: *talking fast* Yes sir, uhmmm, well I have no idea how that got in there, I think it must be some sort of freaky server error forwarding you to the wrong page, or maybe it was an act of God, maybe it's just his way of telling you that there's really nothing wrong with pornography. You know, the human body being one of his most beautiful creations and all that... know what I mean? No? You're not buying that, huh? *click* Hello? Hello?

See what I mean? Oh well, I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints anyway! I'm so going to hell. Ahhhh! Heaven sounds so fucking boring.... I caught a teeny bit of that Barbara Walters special a while back in which she explores the question "What is Heaven?" or something like that. I really don't try to knock or criticize anyones religion or their beliefs unless they feel like their particular religion entitles them to commit violent acts like terrorism in the name of "their" god. Not mentioning any in particular *coughislamistscough*.

Barbara was interviewing this one evangelical jesus freak who's definition of heaven was a place where you could have everything you ever wanted, do everything you ever wanted, never have any aches or pains, and you could eat all the food you wanted whenever you wanted and never get fat! That description sounds totally disgusting to me, let me get this straight now, you can do anything, no matter how bad and never feel any repercussions for doing everything in excess? That sounds like sin to me using the definitions given by most religious doctrine. Eternity is a long motherfukkin' time to exist, and any kind of excessive behavior would get extremely boring in short order no matter how depraved you are. I don't think this guy really thought thru what he was saying! I'm just saying... LOL

Ok now, back to the web design stuff! I could really use you guys help. I'm creating a new website for myself for my web design work and I have to come up with a cool new name. It has to be short, easy to spell and when people see it they will immediately know that it's a web design company and it has to be not already taken as a .com name, meaning it has to be a domain name available for purchase, something like www.whatever.com I will award $20 by either Paypal or a gift card to your favorite major store to someone that comes up with a name that I end up using. Just toss em in the comments. And even if you can't come up with any serious ones, have fun making up silly ones!

Here's a few very funny website name blunders:

Have fun!

UPDATE!! I've chosen to use a name suggested by my lovely gf, Lisa of LisaBinDaCity! The new domain name is www.firesitedesigns.com ! Thanks to everyone that played, but don't let that stop you from making up more silly ones!