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Monday, February 28, 2005

drinkin' guns and shootin' beers

My friend diver Dave and myself and another guy I worked with in the diving biz used to go out and shoot off some heavy duty weapons whenever we had a chance. Of course this meant gettin' drunk on beer and hauling a frikkin' trunkload of guns and ammo for us 3 to just kick back and unload into the woods. Kind of expensive fun, ammo for automatics and shotguns isn't cheap by any means and you can go thru a box of 50 rounds in a few minutes pretty easy with the right weapons. Of course, it just ain't fun unless you unload shitloads of ammo.

One day we had come across this area in the woods down in a swampy area near Houma, La. not far from where all lived. It was an impromptu dump in the woods, in the middle of bumfuk nowhere and had only one way in and out. You know the kind of place, old mattresses, washing machines, piles of rotted furniture and even had a few junked cars all sitting in the middle of this huge clearing way off the main roads. A country repository for the crap people have no idea what to do with except for using it to decorate the woods and forests. This ended up being our favorite spot for drinkin' and shootin'.

Did I say we had weapons? Let's see, the collection we 3 could muster was pretty decent, we had a couple of 12ga shotguns, one pump the other double-barreled, a couple of automatic handguns, one a .45 and the other a .9mm, two hunting rifles bolt-action with scopes, an old lever action Winchester and a couple of homemade guns, one was a zip-pen gun that fired .22 shorts and the other was a home made rebarreled flare gun that fired 12ga. shotgun shells with a barrel only as long as the shell itself, yeah, this badboy was a 12gauge handgun folks. A one shot streetsweeper that was quick and easy to reload. Oh, and don't forget the ammo, we had boxes full everytime we went and the beers popped almost as frequently as the guns.

We had a nice bright sunny afternoon one day and decided to go for some fun, we loaded all the gear up and hit the shops for ammo and beer and hit the dump. The other guy in the group, I can't recall his name so i'll call him Bobbie got this bright idea of making cars go BOOM like in the movies. He had read somewhere that they often used gasoline straight up as an explosive for the huge fiery ball of flame and black smoke effects you see in the movies. He figured that if we put a plastic milk jug of gasoline inside a junk car we could scope shoot it from a distance and the fuel would vaporize and explode like a mo'fo. Sounded great but just shooting it might not ignite it so we set up a small candle inside the car near the gas jug propped up inside and lit it.

Have you ever wondered just how much energy is stored up in a gallon of gasoline? Well, let me tell you, it's a fukkin' LOT, just think how many miles your car can go pushing all that steel and yourself along the highway against wind resistance at high speeds and with just one gallon, you sort of get a handle on how much raw power is inside that innocent looking jug full of gasoline. Of course, until you see it in close up real live action those thoughts just don't occur to you. So here's the scenario, we have one junker car, a gallon of gas, a candle and a high-powered hunting rifle (can't recall the caliber) and 3 drunk dumbasses in the middle of nowhere. We set all the stuff up and move back a ways from the "scene" and Dave takes aim with the scope while leaning against an antique washing machine.

Dave pulls the trigger and sets up a cataclysmic eruption of raw fuel and rifle energy that actually lifts the entire vehicle off the ground and sends flying glass and auto parts and debris of every description flying at warp speed in all directions surrounding the violent explosion. The fireball that ensued was incredible, rising a hundred feet into the air just like what you see in the movies and the searing heat could be felt from, uhmm did I say we moved back a ways? Well we could have been twice as far away and it would have still been too damn close. My hair and eyebrows were singed and the blast nearly knocked me off my feet, my ears were ringing for days afterward and we laughed so hard at what we had done that my sides ached from the straining muscles for days afterwards.

Did we ever do it again? Hell yes we did, we're guys dammit and blowin' shit up is what we do, and damn if it ain't just sheer outta' this world fun. So next time you're havin' a cold beer and think about guns, be careful, ya' might just get your hair singed.
Sunday, February 27, 2005

buried treasure pt. 2

Almost cooler than finding the pictures of my last Harley, I also came across my old animation program, Flash Shockwave 3. I barely recall using it, apparently it's part of my brain that was altered from high ammonia levels caused by a failing liver. When I explored the old zip disc containing the program I was puzzled at first, until I also found some of my old animations and suddenly I had a flood of memories! I remembered making them but how? I had no idea how to use Flash again at first but I started playing with it a few days ago and I started recalling the ways and intricacies of using it. It's a very expensive program to buy, way out of my budget these days and it wouldn't work at first because I didn't have the code to unlock it. I dug around a bit, angry that I couldn't use it until I found I had left myself a note including the keys right in the folder of the program itself! Don't ya just love when stuff like that happens!

I've received a lot of compliments on my other headers, thank you!, and I love playing with Photoshop and will continue using it to make blog templates for your pleasure, but now there's a new kid in town and I hope to knock you guys collective socks off with my new animated headers! The one you see above is my very first new animation and I consider it a bit rough, I intend to get more elaborate in the future. It was fun to make but exhausting, it involved many hours of doing and redoing, but this will change as my experience grows of course.

Now on to my point, if you just have to have an animated header, I'll be doing those too, for a fee of course, employ me now because I'll work pretty cheap to develop my refound skills. The fee will be according to the complexity, it's negotiable and of course I guarantee satisfaction!And on the blog making front I'll continue to do those as well and hope more people will buy them as I'm still considered disabled and I'm one broke ass Cajun boy with expensive health insurance, medical bills to repay and lots of medications to buy since my liver transplant.

I can no longer afford to give my work away as I have so many times in the past few months, I have several blogging friends who have been prodding me to make sure I charge for everything that I do and I thank them for their wonderful advice! Especially Veronica! Luv you sweetheart! Simple advice will still be free, I have a lot of HTML skills and I can help in many ways, feel free to ask, but if I come over and do it I'll have to charge something for my time, maybe just a few bucks. If I've helped you in the past, please, feel free to tip me a few bucks for my services. I've set up a Paypal thingy in the sidebar to make this convenient for both tips and my template and animation sales. Paypal is quite easy to use and quick and easy to sign up for, it's owned by eBay and it has many online uses that make it safe and easy to transfer money to any email address in the country! No charity please!

Also notice the new category called Fresh Engines over there that features my latest templates for sale and the bottom link Templates in Progress lets you peek over my shoulder as I build new stuff. It's content is also my Cajun-country novel based on some of my true life experiences in many ways, it's called Delacroix. Give it a read while its still fairly short if your looking for some escapism.

I love, love, love being a part of this community, every single one of you have given me reasons to smile many, many times over, especially the oh so delicious flirting! You guys are amazing! I just want to say thanks for putting up with my silliness and I want to thank the many who went over and put me on the top of the readers favorites at the Weblog Review! *SMOOCH* I look forward to a lot more fun with you all, and I hope that every single one of you have a great year ahead!!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

My Weblog Review!!

The Weblog Review has reviewed my blog and gave me a top rating! A 5.0 from one reviewer and a 4.0 from another, with maximum being 5.0!! Do me a huge favor please? Go over there and create an acct. and vote for me! Your votes go in a separate category of readers favorites! It only takes a couple minutes and it asks for no details about you, just put in any name and password and bam you can vote! Less than 5 minutes and it would mean a lot to me! You can also apply for a review for your own blog while you're there, it's free! Thanks!!


conversations with mom
I started this blog back in November just for fun, I had heard an entertainer on TV talk about writing to her blog and I had never heard the term before, I Googled the word and bam! I came across all these wonderful diaries. Yep, I was hooked! I started out writing my silly novel called Delacroix but I quickly realized I wanted more, much more! So began this, "it's a dog's life" (and yes I know the second ' isn't needed, it just looks cooler in there). In my foolish haste to get some readers I made the boo-boo of telling my family all about it and encouraged them to read, but alas, I found that I was censoring myself and I didn't like that. Well a few months have passed and now my mom seems to be the only faithful reader in the family, so now a lot of the censorship has gone away! So now, I want to mention to you guys some of the things that me and her have talked about since I started this journal about myself.

Mom= do you have to have that thing on there?
Me= what thing?
Mom= you know, that big.... thing, that giant fish thing! Some of my friends are reading you now and that...thing is terrible and I don't like looking at it, can you take it down?
Me= mom this is my blog, they don't have to look at it.
Mom= I know, but I like reading you, can you take it down for me? please?

After a few days I did take the post down, and here is the picture that caused all the controversy! Click HERE, warning gigantic whale penis...

Ok now, lets go back to my Mardi Gras posts about the Krewe de Vieux parade with the very risque floats down in the French Quarter. Here's a good example...

Mom didn't say one single word about these pictures, in fact she thought they were great and had a good laugh. Verdict: Giant man penis GOOD, giant whale penis NOT GOOD. The cool thing about the giant whale cock was that it was the first time me and Mom really talked about anything sexual. Since then things have loosened up quite a bit!

Mom= have you really had so much sex in your life?
Me= yep, sure have. It's a big thing with me, gotta have it.
Mom= I would never even imagine some of the things you talk about on your blog! How do you know so much about it?
Me= I read, a lot, all my life I've been a big reader and even the great novels by well known authors offer up plenty of sex if you read between the lines.
Mom= I've never known anyone but your dad, I can't imagine what it would be like with anyone else! And I've never been a reader.
Me= damn mom, you need to get out more often!

So now, sex is not an unusual topic with me and her, she's funny with some of her observations about my sex topics and gets a thrill when I write about sex and my adventures with multple women and we have actually said the word f*ck in front of each other many times. That was just not done before. What a change this blog has made to our relationship. For the better I think.

My dads been sick and receiving chemo for cancer and I imagined theres been no nightime activity between mom and dad lately.
Me= looking thru personals ads; Damn I need to get laid, it's been like forever, since before I got sick with my liver going down!
Mom= yeah, I know what you mean, me too, your dad's been too sick lately.
Me= uhhmm ok mom, TOO much info!

This mornings conversation:
Mom= can you come take a look at my windshield wipers? They seem to be sticking for some reason.
Me= sure, oh wow it's a bit nipply out here. (one of my fave expressions when the air is crisp enough to make your nipples hard)
Mom= laughs, I love that expression, nipply..... thats funny!
Thursday, February 24, 2005

very sad news...

My dear sweet friend Lois Lane over at Home Fires father died, I'm sure you guys can imagine her grief. We haven't been friends for real long but I consider her a great friend after chatting with her frequently. Please go over and give her your deepest sympathies and warm wishes, I know she'll appreciate it and can certainly use some cheering up. Show a fellow blogger you really care....
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

buried treasure

I recently started selling some old junk on Ebay and I accidentally came across some pics I had stored in an old zip drive I used to use. One of the things that really bugged me was that I lost a lot of mementos like old photos of fast cars and custom hot rods and motorcycles that I've built and customized thru my years. Yeah, I was quite a prolific hot rod builder, I owned a body shop for a few years, and the pics I used to have of my work would knock your socks off, and I even found a few of those as well. All this stuff got lost when I became seriously ill with my needing a liver transplant (that story in the sidebar link). I sold the zip drive and just to make sure I didn't leave any personal stuff on any of it's cartridges, as an afterthought I hooked it up and found some of my lost stuff!!

Here's a couple pics of my old lady, ain't she a frikkin beaut?

A few of my personal add ons are the drag pipes, pull back handle bars, custom black and pearlescent blue paint, the two-step seat and sissy bar, and the S&S chrome air cleaner.

Here's another view!

Sweet, huh? ya, too bad the lighting angle in the pics doesn't fully show off the custom paint on the tank, it was gorgeous and took forever to do. This was my fave bike out of all the ones I've owned thru the years, and now after looking at these pics and that my health is back I want another one more than ever!
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I love you

Yes I do, I mean that, really! You guys are tha best and I've received literally tons of email in the past couple days from all kinds of peeps all over blogland, many I've never even seen their blog before, much less talked to them or anything, the way the news has spread is absolutely amazing! My inbox almost exploded today and scared the bejeebus out of me! I got a bad case of the warm fuzzies and I likey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!(insert sheepish grin here).

Now I wan't to divert your attention to the rest of the staff at Community Justice, they deserve a BIG hand too for coming on board and helping to take a stand on the frontline. May I present the Crew! in alphabetical order:
  • Amy! She has a background in criminal justice and access to people on the inside of some law enforcement agencies. She'll be a great contibutor and I believe her articles at the site will be informative and good reading.
  • Defiant! He's on the Crew to add a voice to the proceedings and to contribute his skills and know how, we're glad to have him!
  • Jethro! Doctor in training, smart guy and all around nice guy, but don't stir him up, he has a passion for hating asshole types and I'm sure when the jig is up he'll be ready to get down! Don't mess with the doctor!
  • Maggie! She's a cowgirl and the oldest and probably the wisest in the bunch, she wears boots and spurs and I'm sure she won't be timid when it's time to kick some butt! Not to mention she was the winner in last years Blogger novel writing contest NaNoWriMo!
  • Seven! uhmm hey thats me, I'm just not really as nice as you guys think I am, I'm actually MUCH nicer in person, well, thats if you enjoy being in the presence of someone that don't give a rats ass about what most people think. I'm used to hanging out in biker bars and shitkicker nightclubs, backup bouncer at times and had my share of fights and trouble in my life. The bars I used to frequent they would check ya for a gun, and if ya didn't have one they had lenders for ya at the door. I've been lucky though and women have been kind to me and one thing for sure is I've always been kind to women, I have never in my life been an abuser of any sort and thats a fact and I'm proud of it. Men that push on women is something that stirs a rage in me, don't get in my way!
  • Trashman! Last but definitely NOT the least, his reputation for being one rude mofo' is well known, don't mess with the MAN. We're lucky to have him on board and I'm glad I've become his friend. Take it from me folks, don't get on his bad side!

The Community Justice site is up and running and open for business ! I have a bit more sprucing up to do and we're gonna add some more content for you guys perusal and we'll be there for ya when you need us. Don't hesitate to ask for help, that's why we're there!

Monday, February 21, 2005

what the hell?

I cut all my locks off just before Christmas and then shaved the beard, and some of you lamented the absence of both. Good news! As you can see by my new profile pic the beard is coming along nicely hey! Odd side affect tho, my air guitar has grown a beard of it's own and lo and behold it's an albino air guitar! Very rare with all that white hair, weird huh.
Another interesting side effect is that I now have a penchant for cheap sunglasses, walk around mumbling lyrics to old ZZ Top classics, and I went out and bought a pair of jeans with a velcro fly. I hope that last item comes in handy soon. Must be excess testosterone levels. Any ideas?


Last night I had a brain fart and the whole damn universe just jumped up and disappeared! wtf is up with that? Thanks to some quick thinking on my part you guys all reappeared in my head and everything was back to normal. Or so I thought, this morning I had wood like a mofo' and I had to pee sooooo bad, my old stand-by of thinking about bumpin' uglies with Roseanne Barr still wouldn't allow me to drain the old vein. sheesh. I tried Lois' suggestion of doing a hand-stand but the blood rush to my other head made me woozy and I couldn't hit the target anyway. Can any of you guys give me some ideas on another horrible thing to think about when you get that way. Damn, I must be gettin' old, Roseanne just ain't ugly enough to do the trick any more. Kill me now!


In other news at least 4 women bloggers, all sweet and lovely people, have been having some troubles with people hassllin' them big time. Two have had to completely uproot their blogs to a new url to hide from the dastardly fiends and let the faithful know by email of their new digs, one has had to password lock hers and another is seriously considering to drop the whole blogging experience over it. Well I got one thing to say and let me be as blunt as possible :
Leave my friends alone! you flat headed , scum sukkin', knuckle draggin', pieces of shit! If you have any balls you'll fuck with me!, to paraphrase Trashman, I want some hate mail too, send it to me!! Try to push me around, you simpering balls of slime! Ya, just what I thought, pussies, all, think they're big men because they lean on women. grrrrr.


Sometimes odd events drop right in to your lap, from out of the blue someone happens to brighten your outlook on everything. New friends can be really cool and they may say things to you that you took for granted about yourself. Yeah, shit like that is precious. Thank you my new friend! Maybe one day we'll hop on a couple of 4 legged Harleys and ride, just ride!
Saturday, February 19, 2005

what works me up

that last list was sooo fun, here's another for you guyz!

  1. I like to see a tiny bit of moustache hair on a woman at close observation, weird? I think it means higher than normal testosterone levels which seems to equate with being highly sexed. Never mind that it's bleached or real difficult to see, just that it's there is a bit of a turn on. Same goes for forearm hair and pubes. Ya, i'm weird, sue me....
  2. Nicely trimmed pubes, I wanna see what i'm diving for, and a mouth full of hair is not fun and especially not in the dark. Being able to see all the naughty details is a major plus and can't be stressed enough. Shaved is optional, but not fun all the time, the regrowth is too stubbly and hard on the face! Just long enough that it's not like stubble is the perfect length in my opinion.
  3. Sex in public. I've been lucky enough to enjoy that with several women, one quite often. She was majorly turned on by the idea that we could get caught, but didn't really want to actually get caught. See the difference? We were caught once in mid act, naked on the floor of my van when 2 cops swung the doors open and put their flashlights right on us! After that night she would often suggest we go parking in the moonlight even though we were married and had a nice place to have all the sex we wanted! That was my first wife.
  4. The look. I want to be slayed with a look that says "dude, your ass is mine when we get home!" in a room full of people, A woman that can make me feel like we're all alone in a group of other people is amazing, when you have that kind of rapport, there's nothing better. Body language is way underestimated I think. Not to mention a bit of uncomfortable drool from you know where.
  5. Soft, loving, caressing sex. Relaxed and thoughtful, enjoying the moment to moment feeling and taking pleasure more from the love than the lustful urges. It's love baby! I want that....very much with all my potential long term relationships. This is always high on my mind with any woman, a long term relationship is what I want.
  6. Lustful, nasssteee over the top sex! The type that can last for hours and hours. This is a must in the long run of my relationships, if you don't want your base sexual urges satisfied in a primal fashion like the animals we are then don't knock on my door. I want to explore all possibilities with my lover and seek a suitably curious partner.
  7. Talk dirty. Yes, I want to hear it when we're into #6 above, I mean I want to hear it all. In vivid color, the type of language that makes even sailors blush. C*nt, f*ck, pr*ck and p*ssy are all lumped in there. I censored that for you guys, ain't I nice?
  8. Pain. I like a bit of pain with my pleasure, and I've had that kind of fun often with many different women. Nothing drastic or even drawing blood, just the mild stuff please. Some light spanking, nipple biting and pinching in the right spots are a huge turn on for me, how about you? I even like teeth marks on my johnson once in a while, do it!
  9. Taking showers together on occasions, soaping each other up and even washing each others naughty bits can be a lot of fun, but not all the time, privacy is also important in any relationship. Don't overdo the intimacy. But don't underplay the importance of that special feeling of sharing very intimate details about each other.
  10. Tell me you love me, often, daily, kiss me and hold me, make me feel special, and i'll return the affection doubly. Love notes, special food, surprise kisses for no obvious reason, eating out at romantic spots, feeding each other, eating each other, and just being playful and thoughtful are great things to share, I want that!
  11. When I turn you on, show me, get the wetness on your fingertips and make me taste you or put my hand there and have me feel for myself, that sort of thing drives me wild, and i'll show you just how wild when we hit the sheets. I'm all yours!
  12. Be animated, don't just lay there and let me do ya, that's no fun, sex is interactive, lets share being dominant, you take the initiative or command me to do your evil naughty bidding. Lets play!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it, have fun!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm just a dog, kick me

I'm reminded of a situation where I helped someone frequently and found myself kicked in the stomach for what I thought was being a good friend. I remember this woman that came to see me often for repair work on a very sporty red Toyota Celica, it was a very pretty car. Her name was Terry and she also became friends with me and my second wife. In fact we ended up becoming very good friends and often had threesomes together on the weekends. But that's a whole 'nother story. I'll save it for later. But, I ended up screwing her in more ways than one.

She would bring her Toyota in for any type of service that it needed and it was a good professional relationship and I always looked out for her, gave her great prices on my work and made sure her car was always in top condition, often taking it in on the weekends to accommodate her work schedule. This went on for at least a couple years, when suddenly she became enamored over a BMW that was up for sale. She had gotten a nice raise at her job and wanted something a bit classier looking than the Toyota. She asked me to inspect it to make sure that it was in good condition and that it needed no major repairs before she bought it.

It turned out to be a very solid car and I gave her the green light on the purchase. I usually charge for the service of driving and doing a thorough inspection, including putting it on the lift and checking the brakes and the undercarriage for accident damage. Not to mention checking for a slew of other potential trouble spots. I knew she would bring the car to me for future service and I was happy to take care of that for her.

Maybe 6 months later when she was at our house one weekend she told us that the BMW had broken down and that she had taken it to the dealer for repair. I was stunned. I knew there was no dealer warranty on the used car and I couldn't believe she had taken it somewhere else for service. It turns out that she looked upon me as just a mechanic not a fukkin' BMW mechanic and that she felt her special German scheibekasten (shit box) needed special care! Uhmm hello!! I'm a qualified mechanic and I had worked at a shop that serviced only Beamers, she knew this but ignored it for some reason. I held my tongue and let it ride, sometimes people just don't think. I knew the dealer was going to charge her out the wazoo for the repairs and they did. They really put the screws to her money wise, I happily found out later. And to top all this off she often called and asked me for advice on repairs and if I thought the dealer was being honest about what she needed done, and yet she still brought it to the dealer!

Now you would think this is the end of this story, but it's not, I got to screw her again myself in a big way. About another 6 months passed and she had come across ANOTHER BMW that she was interested in buying and was going to sell hers for this newer model. Guess who she brings it to for pre-purchase inspection? Haha yep, the dog got that pleasure. I looked it over thoroughly and it was a real piece of crap, I wouldn't have bought the damn thing with someone else's money, the engine was in bad shape and the transmission wasn't sounding too good either. I knew she was in for a world of financial hurt if she bought this thing. I also knew she wasn't going to bring it to me for future service, now why did she bother me with the inspection? I had stupidly set a precedent for not charging her for that service and I suddenly realized how I would get pay back.

When she came to pick it up she of course asked how was the car, I said "It's pretty solid and it should be a great car. I would buy it if I were you."

She bought it and she was screwed, I felt a bit guilty but not sorry at all. Don't kick the dog.

things are heatin' up

in Delacroix ! I added a new chapter this morning and theres a new love interest in town for the hero, that would be me of course, some of you may recognize her name. I'm to be a character in her novel and I figured I could return the favor. You can read hers where I'll be introduced as a character named Seven Savard here. Her characters name is Coco! And ya'll know her as Flirt and her novel is written in a sweet, lighthearted fashion that's compelling to read, check it out and get caught up! Everyones reading Coco, why aren't you?

You can find the new chapter for mine here for those that are caught up. It's titled The Wreck.

The beginning of the story is here for those that are wondering whats going on in my fictional cajun town named Delacroix. It's a fun romp, action adventure and lots of steamy, sexy action is in store for everyone involved, and even some voodoo to come! And Sev, the dog that he is can barely keep his gun tucked in his pants! Enjoy!


In other news, I have another post waiting in the wings in draft mode that's as seriously naughty as my last one, maybe more so. I decided to let you guys cool off a bit before I unleash it, aren't I nice? All this writing about sex makes a boy horny, and the consequences are so serious that I'm crying for help. If any of you ladies lives within a 100 mile radius of New Orleans and could pass for Sandra Bullock with the lights off, and are interested in teaching an old dog some new tricks, gimme a shout, my email is always ready willing and available and so am I !! By the way, i've been told I resemble Hugh Grant when it's really dark.
Monday, February 14, 2005

my fave phrases

spoken by girlfriends....

  • Hmmmm, I never tried that before... ok!
  • Oooo I hope no one sees us!
  • Oooo maybe someone will see us!
  • No, that's your koocha, I just have to tote it around for ya....
  • You wanna do what! No way! Well, ok... just this once...
  • Oooo let's do that again!
  • Shhhh, feel... under the table... I pulled my panties off...
  • Omg, i'm soooo wet!
  • I want some face!
  • Come help me shave it, please!
  • Can I shave you?
  • We are sooooo nazzzteee!
  • OWWW..... don't stop!! OWWWW..... harder!
  • Pinch them harder! harder!
  • OH. MY. GOD!
  • Don't Stop!
  • I want more.....now....mister....
  • Look! I shaved it into a heart! Happy Valentines! ♥ ♥

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Haloscan Fun

They have a cool new feature for Haloscan users, they've enabled the use of Gravatars! What is a Gravatar? It's short for globally recognized avatars. It's an 80x80 pixel image you create and send to the folks at www.gravatar.com after signing up and logging in. It's totally free and easy to do! The little image follows wherever you go that you use your email address that it's attached to. Take a look in my comments and notice how a little pic of me appears next to each comment I leave inside that teeny tiny little blue box! To make that work in your Haloscan comments you have to go to Haloscan and get the beta html code available in the forums there in the Beta testing section and save it for your use! It won't change the appearance of your Haloscan comment box except it will add the Gravatar capability! Give it a try !

I decided to republish the beginning of my stalled novel for anyone that might be interested to read an account of some adventures in a small cajun town named Delacroix. It's a fun read and maybe you guys might encourage me to write some more to it... hehe. You can find it here! It's also in my sidebar under the Fresh Engines header, Templates in Progress!
Friday, February 11, 2005

Bravery or Stupidity?

I was working on a vessel in the North Sea and we had some highly specialized and valuable diving equipment onboard that needed to be transported to Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands in a big hurry. The only passage available was a small barge that was being pushed by a Belgian ocean going tug boat. The equipment was loaded on the deck in the open and I would ride in with it on the tug to make sure that it arrived safely. When we arrived in the harbor area the barge was boarded by about 6 dutch longshoremen to assist in the handling of the barge and seeing that it got tied up properly at the correct docks . The tugboat captain sent a deckhand to wake me up and explained to me in his broken french/flemish dialect that the equipment might be in danger of theft from these men and that I perhaps should go aboard the barge and have a look. It was still quite dark, yet just before the sun came up and the captain urged me to take his flashlight.

I climbed up aboard the barge and was halfway across the deck when the flashlight quit and I continued on in almost total darkness when I hear some rustling noises, and as I got close to the bow, I could see the outlines of several men rummaging through the boxes and crates and some of the equipment had actually been pulled out of their boxes ! Now being all by myself and that I can't speak a word of dutch and these guys don't look all that friendly, I was scared as hell to do or say anything, I mean they could have killed me I realized later after thinking about it. What I did was strode right up into the middle of the group and asked loudly what the hell did they think they were doing! I suddenly realized they had not noticed my presence until I spoke up, in english, and they all turned and looked at me kind of startled. They looked confused for a few moments, looked at each other then slowly wandered off to their positions without a word.

A little while later after I realized what I had done, I thought it was maybe the stupidest thing I have ever done!. No way was the equipment in those boxes worth my life or even injury! what do you guys think?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Jeanette is really mean!! *wink*

Yep, Jeanette tagged me to answer her 11 questions quizzy thingy and I better do it or else she says! I hate living in fear so here goes! LOL

  1. What is longest you have ever gone without bathing? At least a few days while working offshore i'm pretty sure, either the water systems were malfunctioning or the vessel was in extrememly rough seas that you could barely stand without hanging on!
  2. When you read, do you highlight or mark items? Very rarely, I have a very good memory for reading and almost never need to go back for reference. Well, except for porn stories, reading those over and again are too much fun!
  3. What brand are your favorite jeans? How long have you had them? Levi's baby!! nothing else comes close! I have several pairs in excellent shape that are 8 yrs old!
  4. Do you still have an article of clothing from high school? If so, what is it? Nope, not a thing from HS, not one single thing that I can think of!
  5. Who makes you laugh the big belly laugh (can be a comedian) ? That would be a toss up between Dennis Miller or Adam Sandler, both of SNL fame.
  6. Of all your scars which one has the best story, please, do tell! Well I have the one that's 14 rude, ugly, jagged inches long across my stomach and that story can be found here.
  7. Do you color your hair? What color? How old were you when you first colored it? I colored it purplish black about 6 yrs ago and kept it that way for a few years and got tired of messing with it, it was down to the middle of my back and was becoming a hassle to deal with so it's all gone now. I will color it again real soon, maybe blonde this time!!
  8. Do you take vitamins? Not any longer, my potassium levels were too high and my doctors asked me to drop them from my daily regimen. Boring huh? LOL
  9. Do you like chocolate? Milk or dark? What brand? If not chocolate what candy do you like? I love milk chocolate and dark chocolate, Hershey's will do just fine and i'm also a candy hound, gotta have candy!!!
  10. What is the fondest memory you have of your grandma or grandpa? My fondest memories of my grandma are every single time I see her, she's 92 yrs old now and sharp as a tack and just the nicest, most wonderful person you would ever hope to meet!! I admire her very much and hope she knows how much I love her!!
  11. If you had to share a song that represented who you are, which one would it be? My theme song is "You Got Another Thing Coming" by Judas Priest! I know it's also Inanna's theme song but we agreed to share it!

I hope you are happy Jeanette! hehe luv ya grrl !!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


For those of you that can't be here in New Orleans today I invite you to watch the festivities live from several different places, the first is the Bourbon St camera and also a live streaming feed with sound at the Cat's Meow

The next one is the Parade camera

And last but not least you may witness some cool breast shots for beads at the Bead camera later today!!

Here are most of the best pics I got from today! Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

my alarm knows better

yeah, I have this thing where I imagine that everything around me is alive and is quietly conspiring together to "get" me. It's not serious, it's just a funny quirk I have that is fun to play with and allows me the leeway I need to "talk" to these inanimate obkects like my stupid alarm clock. I know I am the one that set it to wake me but I can't help but yell at the damn thing when it starts squalling to just *shut the f*k up*. I know i'm not alone, as i'm pretty sure i'm not the first to call my alarm clock "stupid"

Anyway the reason I set my alarm was because I have to go to the hospital today to give them my blood samples, I have to do this every other Monday so the docs can keep track of my liver functions, that means i'm on sort of a leash. I don't particularly mind going, it affords me the opportunity to see some smilin' faces and chat with the denizens of the hospital lab. They're really cool and always have something funny going on that they are talking about. Often you can hear them cuttin' up all the way out in the patient waiting area. I'm pretty sure this may be annoying to some people that are waiting but I personally love that they can take such pleasure in their work. Laughing is contagious and it spreads quickly. They often make my day with some offhand remark about the silliest of things!

Zelda asks what is the bravest thing I have ever done. She really got me thinking on that one. Sometimes I think my bravery may have also been stupidity and that I was just lucky to live none the worser for my actions. I'll make that a post in itself in a couple days and let you guys be the judge. "Bravery or Stupidity" will be the question .....

I had some sweet dreams last night about my significant other, not the first time. There was no sex involved in any of them! How fukked up is that?. Or maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. But judging from my past. I would have some really wild and colorfully intense dreams about sex and wake up feeling like a real horndog! But not now, all i see is her beautiful face smiling at me and it gets me excited that she is paying attention to me but not sexually excited if you know what I mean. I still have the obligatory "boner" in the morning., however, hell if i'll ever know what that's about, even dreaming about baseball and you would still get that! Not that I ever dream about baseball, but you know what I mean.....

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Barefoot Princepessa is holding a raffle at her blog and she's walking for March of Dimes: Walk America so if anyone is interested go over and enter the raffle, offer to donate or sponsor her or just advertise the March of Dimes walk on your blog. It's for a great cause and maybe you'll make a new friend to boot! Also find her through the leettle baby blogger raffle logo in my sidebar! cute huh!

I have a new friend at Soap Addict, her name is Leslie and she is suffering from a very debilitating disease called ulcerative colitis and she could use some words of good cheer I am sure. Go there.... Now!! hehe

And now for something completely different! Ask me a question, a personal question, any kind of question you like and I will answer it the best I can in the comments. You can even ask more than one question and don't be shy or afraid to ask or about being too wordy, my comments has 3000 character limit per comment! So, ya'll come and kick the side of my doghouse and make me speak or i'll come by your place and hump ya on tha leg! =)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

where i blog

Because Jeanette is so very, very mean and persuasive, I am being coerced into showing you guys where I blog in pictures!

In this first pic notice all the must haves like the porno cd's and my bobble head voodoo skull doll, ain't he cute? And yes that is a remote for the stereo amp for my pc. Even though it's only about 2 ft away I must have the remote cause dammit it's just fun to play with and with that huge sub-woofer it makes it even easier to crank Winamp waaaay up at a moments notice, weeeeeee! That PC 1 is an AMD 2600 mhz homebuilt by me!

In this next picture notice the antique and archaic peripherals like the scanner and printer.
Then we have the little yellow notebook with hacked passwords for use at various porn sites and friends blogs and the two cordless mice on the pull out keyboard shelf, just don't pull it out toooo far or the shelf will fall and the mice will spook and run off! Normally one pc is running my blog surfing and the one on the left is porn surfing! Then we have the 2 large speakers and finally the bathroom nearby! weeeee! That PC #2 is an AMD 1400 mhz also home built by me in the chocolate brown case.

This picture is a view directly behind me showing off part of my antique pc collection, that's right its a 266mhz PC with a *cough*Cyrix*cough* processor, blinding speed! It features a broken faceplate and a crippled mouse, poor guy! It does a pretty good job of keeping my boots warm though!! It's also home built, one of my first PC's hehe blah!

So there it is peeps, the dog house in all its fuzzy glory! Wasn't that fun!
Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Norway was one of the coolest places I visited when I lived in Europe, I got to stay there an entire winter and I had one hell of an awesome time there. I was assigned to a work vessel that was attempting to salvage an offshore drilling platform that had been dropped about a mile off of it's correct location into deeper water. The top 30 feet or so were supposed to be above sea level but since it was in the wrong spot it was submerged to the point where only 2 feet or so was visible in a calm sea. The platform was about 800 ft. tall and setting this huge steel structure in the wrong spot was a major mistake and cost the construction company many millions of dollars. The platform was also a hazard to navigation and was not far from shipping lanes and they were under a lot of pressure to fix it as soon as possible before it could cause a shipwreck.

The best part about that assignment was the weather in the North Sea is wicked in the winter and the seas can be extremely rough. That of course makes it impossible to work and the ship had to remain in harbor in Stavanger waiting on the weather to clear so we could head out to the location and set up. Every time we did though the weather would get ugly again very quickly, forcing us to turn back and make harbor. This led to us staying in port for weeks at a time with nothing to do but get paid while waiting and making very good money and in a town with lots of fun things to do. There was a beautiful indoor municipal swimming pool, olympic sized, several ice hockey rinks and plenty of fun nightlife at the local bars and clubs.

Oh yeah, the night life was incredible and the women were blonde and beautiful and very friendly. They would often offer to buy you a drink and proposition you to accompany them home for some wonderful "nightcaps". One night in particular I was practically raped by two girls that i had met at a hotel bar. They were both very pretty and very insistent on buying me drinks at first. One of them invited me to go home with her and I accepted thinking it would be just me and her, but they had other ideas I was to find out. We arrived at the apartment and me and girl 1 got together on the sofa and started making out, and man she was hot, we were there less than 2 minutes before she had her hand down my pants and started to unzip me. I wasn't paying attention to the other girl at this point, I assumed she maybe went to her room to sleep but I was wrong.

A few minutes later girl 2 came out from one of the bedrooms totally nude and came over to the sofa and sat down on the other side of me. She took over what girl 1 was doing in my jeans and girl 2 stood up and pulled all of her clothes off. When she sat back down they both started ripping all my clothes off me and jeez it was cold in that apartment, I was practically shivering it was so cold. They did warm me up quickly and after a few minutes it was very hot!It turned out that girl 1 was all over me and girl 2 was there for girl 1. I didn't have sex with girl 2 but I did enjoy playing with her and girl 1 and I enjoyed watching them get it on together . They were very passionate with each other and both made out hard with me but girl 2 didn't want any hard stuff. Girl 1 was almost insatiable however and while we were doing it girl 2 was all over both of us kissing and touching and toying with us for her own pleasure.

We were all three getting pretty drunk and we ended up sleeping together on that big sofa, what an incredible night. One thing that struck me was both girls attitude, they were both adamant about us having a threesome, like they would not have taken no for an answer. I want to go back to Norway someday, but I probably won't get the chance to return. Maybe one of these days!