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Friday, February 25, 2005

My Weblog Review!!

The Weblog Review has reviewed my blog and gave me a top rating! A 5.0 from one reviewer and a 4.0 from another, with maximum being 5.0!! Do me a huge favor please? Go over there and create an acct. and vote for me! Your votes go in a separate category of readers favorites! It only takes a couple minutes and it asks for no details about you, just put in any name and password and bam you can vote! Less than 5 minutes and it would mean a lot to me! You can also apply for a review for your own blog while you're there, it's free! Thanks!!


conversations with mom
I started this blog back in November just for fun, I had heard an entertainer on TV talk about writing to her blog and I had never heard the term before, I Googled the word and bam! I came across all these wonderful diaries. Yep, I was hooked! I started out writing my silly novel called Delacroix but I quickly realized I wanted more, much more! So began this, "it's a dog's life" (and yes I know the second ' isn't needed, it just looks cooler in there). In my foolish haste to get some readers I made the boo-boo of telling my family all about it and encouraged them to read, but alas, I found that I was censoring myself and I didn't like that. Well a few months have passed and now my mom seems to be the only faithful reader in the family, so now a lot of the censorship has gone away! So now, I want to mention to you guys some of the things that me and her have talked about since I started this journal about myself.

Mom= do you have to have that thing on there?
Me= what thing?
Mom= you know, that big.... thing, that giant fish thing! Some of my friends are reading you now and that...thing is terrible and I don't like looking at it, can you take it down?
Me= mom this is my blog, they don't have to look at it.
Mom= I know, but I like reading you, can you take it down for me? please?

After a few days I did take the post down, and here is the picture that caused all the controversy! Click HERE, warning gigantic whale penis...

Ok now, lets go back to my Mardi Gras posts about the Krewe de Vieux parade with the very risque floats down in the French Quarter. Here's a good example...

Mom didn't say one single word about these pictures, in fact she thought they were great and had a good laugh. Verdict: Giant man penis GOOD, giant whale penis NOT GOOD. The cool thing about the giant whale cock was that it was the first time me and Mom really talked about anything sexual. Since then things have loosened up quite a bit!

Mom= have you really had so much sex in your life?
Me= yep, sure have. It's a big thing with me, gotta have it.
Mom= I would never even imagine some of the things you talk about on your blog! How do you know so much about it?
Me= I read, a lot, all my life I've been a big reader and even the great novels by well known authors offer up plenty of sex if you read between the lines.
Mom= I've never known anyone but your dad, I can't imagine what it would be like with anyone else! And I've never been a reader.
Me= damn mom, you need to get out more often!

So now, sex is not an unusual topic with me and her, she's funny with some of her observations about my sex topics and gets a thrill when I write about sex and my adventures with multple women and we have actually said the word f*ck in front of each other many times. That was just not done before. What a change this blog has made to our relationship. For the better I think.

My dads been sick and receiving chemo for cancer and I imagined theres been no nightime activity between mom and dad lately.
Me= looking thru personals ads; Damn I need to get laid, it's been like forever, since before I got sick with my liver going down!
Mom= yeah, I know what you mean, me too, your dad's been too sick lately.
Me= uhhmm ok mom, TOO much info!

This mornings conversation:
Mom= can you come take a look at my windshield wipers? They seem to be sticking for some reason.
Me= sure, oh wow it's a bit nipply out here. (one of my fave expressions when the air is crisp enough to make your nipples hard)
Mom= laughs, I love that expression, nipply..... thats funny!