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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I love you

Yes I do, I mean that, really! You guys are tha best and I've received literally tons of email in the past couple days from all kinds of peeps all over blogland, many I've never even seen their blog before, much less talked to them or anything, the way the news has spread is absolutely amazing! My inbox almost exploded today and scared the bejeebus out of me! I got a bad case of the warm fuzzies and I likey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!(insert sheepish grin here).

Now I wan't to divert your attention to the rest of the staff at Community Justice, they deserve a BIG hand too for coming on board and helping to take a stand on the frontline. May I present the Crew! in alphabetical order:
  • Amy! She has a background in criminal justice and access to people on the inside of some law enforcement agencies. She'll be a great contibutor and I believe her articles at the site will be informative and good reading.
  • Defiant! He's on the Crew to add a voice to the proceedings and to contribute his skills and know how, we're glad to have him!
  • Jethro! Doctor in training, smart guy and all around nice guy, but don't stir him up, he has a passion for hating asshole types and I'm sure when the jig is up he'll be ready to get down! Don't mess with the doctor!
  • Maggie! She's a cowgirl and the oldest and probably the wisest in the bunch, she wears boots and spurs and I'm sure she won't be timid when it's time to kick some butt! Not to mention she was the winner in last years Blogger novel writing contest NaNoWriMo!
  • Seven! uhmm hey thats me, I'm just not really as nice as you guys think I am, I'm actually MUCH nicer in person, well, thats if you enjoy being in the presence of someone that don't give a rats ass about what most people think. I'm used to hanging out in biker bars and shitkicker nightclubs, backup bouncer at times and had my share of fights and trouble in my life. The bars I used to frequent they would check ya for a gun, and if ya didn't have one they had lenders for ya at the door. I've been lucky though and women have been kind to me and one thing for sure is I've always been kind to women, I have never in my life been an abuser of any sort and thats a fact and I'm proud of it. Men that push on women is something that stirs a rage in me, don't get in my way!
  • Trashman! Last but definitely NOT the least, his reputation for being one rude mofo' is well known, don't mess with the MAN. We're lucky to have him on board and I'm glad I've become his friend. Take it from me folks, don't get on his bad side!

The Community Justice site is up and running and open for business ! I have a bit more sprucing up to do and we're gonna add some more content for you guys perusal and we'll be there for ya when you need us. Don't hesitate to ask for help, that's why we're there!