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Monday, February 07, 2005

my alarm knows better

yeah, I have this thing where I imagine that everything around me is alive and is quietly conspiring together to "get" me. It's not serious, it's just a funny quirk I have that is fun to play with and allows me the leeway I need to "talk" to these inanimate obkects like my stupid alarm clock. I know I am the one that set it to wake me but I can't help but yell at the damn thing when it starts squalling to just *shut the f*k up*. I know i'm not alone, as i'm pretty sure i'm not the first to call my alarm clock "stupid"

Anyway the reason I set my alarm was because I have to go to the hospital today to give them my blood samples, I have to do this every other Monday so the docs can keep track of my liver functions, that means i'm on sort of a leash. I don't particularly mind going, it affords me the opportunity to see some smilin' faces and chat with the denizens of the hospital lab. They're really cool and always have something funny going on that they are talking about. Often you can hear them cuttin' up all the way out in the patient waiting area. I'm pretty sure this may be annoying to some people that are waiting but I personally love that they can take such pleasure in their work. Laughing is contagious and it spreads quickly. They often make my day with some offhand remark about the silliest of things!

Zelda asks what is the bravest thing I have ever done. She really got me thinking on that one. Sometimes I think my bravery may have also been stupidity and that I was just lucky to live none the worser for my actions. I'll make that a post in itself in a couple days and let you guys be the judge. "Bravery or Stupidity" will be the question .....

I had some sweet dreams last night about my significant other, not the first time. There was no sex involved in any of them! How fukked up is that?. Or maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. But judging from my past. I would have some really wild and colorfully intense dreams about sex and wake up feeling like a real horndog! But not now, all i see is her beautiful face smiling at me and it gets me excited that she is paying attention to me but not sexually excited if you know what I mean. I still have the obligatory "boner" in the morning., however, hell if i'll ever know what that's about, even dreaming about baseball and you would still get that! Not that I ever dream about baseball, but you know what I mean.....