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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Barefoot Princepessa is holding a raffle at her blog and she's walking for March of Dimes: Walk America so if anyone is interested go over and enter the raffle, offer to donate or sponsor her or just advertise the March of Dimes walk on your blog. It's for a great cause and maybe you'll make a new friend to boot! Also find her through the leettle baby blogger raffle logo in my sidebar! cute huh!

I have a new friend at Soap Addict, her name is Leslie and she is suffering from a very debilitating disease called ulcerative colitis and she could use some words of good cheer I am sure. Go there.... Now!! hehe

And now for something completely different! Ask me a question, a personal question, any kind of question you like and I will answer it the best I can in the comments. You can even ask more than one question and don't be shy or afraid to ask or about being too wordy, my comments has 3000 character limit per comment! So, ya'll come and kick the side of my doghouse and make me speak or i'll come by your place and hump ya on tha leg! =)