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Thursday, February 03, 2005

where i blog

Because Jeanette is so very, very mean and persuasive, I am being coerced into showing you guys where I blog in pictures!

In this first pic notice all the must haves like the porno cd's and my bobble head voodoo skull doll, ain't he cute? And yes that is a remote for the stereo amp for my pc. Even though it's only about 2 ft away I must have the remote cause dammit it's just fun to play with and with that huge sub-woofer it makes it even easier to crank Winamp waaaay up at a moments notice, weeeeeee! That PC 1 is an AMD 2600 mhz homebuilt by me!

In this next picture notice the antique and archaic peripherals like the scanner and printer.
Then we have the little yellow notebook with hacked passwords for use at various porn sites and friends blogs and the two cordless mice on the pull out keyboard shelf, just don't pull it out toooo far or the shelf will fall and the mice will spook and run off! Normally one pc is running my blog surfing and the one on the left is porn surfing! Then we have the 2 large speakers and finally the bathroom nearby! weeeee! That PC #2 is an AMD 1400 mhz also home built by me in the chocolate brown case.

This picture is a view directly behind me showing off part of my antique pc collection, that's right its a 266mhz PC with a *cough*Cyrix*cough* processor, blinding speed! It features a broken faceplate and a crippled mouse, poor guy! It does a pretty good job of keeping my boots warm though!! It's also home built, one of my first PC's hehe blah!

So there it is peeps, the dog house in all its fuzzy glory! Wasn't that fun!