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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Norway was one of the coolest places I visited when I lived in Europe, I got to stay there an entire winter and I had one hell of an awesome time there. I was assigned to a work vessel that was attempting to salvage an offshore drilling platform that had been dropped about a mile off of it's correct location into deeper water. The top 30 feet or so were supposed to be above sea level but since it was in the wrong spot it was submerged to the point where only 2 feet or so was visible in a calm sea. The platform was about 800 ft. tall and setting this huge steel structure in the wrong spot was a major mistake and cost the construction company many millions of dollars. The platform was also a hazard to navigation and was not far from shipping lanes and they were under a lot of pressure to fix it as soon as possible before it could cause a shipwreck.

The best part about that assignment was the weather in the North Sea is wicked in the winter and the seas can be extremely rough. That of course makes it impossible to work and the ship had to remain in harbor in Stavanger waiting on the weather to clear so we could head out to the location and set up. Every time we did though the weather would get ugly again very quickly, forcing us to turn back and make harbor. This led to us staying in port for weeks at a time with nothing to do but get paid while waiting and making very good money and in a town with lots of fun things to do. There was a beautiful indoor municipal swimming pool, olympic sized, several ice hockey rinks and plenty of fun nightlife at the local bars and clubs.

Oh yeah, the night life was incredible and the women were blonde and beautiful and very friendly. They would often offer to buy you a drink and proposition you to accompany them home for some wonderful "nightcaps". One night in particular I was practically raped by two girls that i had met at a hotel bar. They were both very pretty and very insistent on buying me drinks at first. One of them invited me to go home with her and I accepted thinking it would be just me and her, but they had other ideas I was to find out. We arrived at the apartment and me and girl 1 got together on the sofa and started making out, and man she was hot, we were there less than 2 minutes before she had her hand down my pants and started to unzip me. I wasn't paying attention to the other girl at this point, I assumed she maybe went to her room to sleep but I was wrong.

A few minutes later girl 2 came out from one of the bedrooms totally nude and came over to the sofa and sat down on the other side of me. She took over what girl 1 was doing in my jeans and girl 2 stood up and pulled all of her clothes off. When she sat back down they both started ripping all my clothes off me and jeez it was cold in that apartment, I was practically shivering it was so cold. They did warm me up quickly and after a few minutes it was very hot!It turned out that girl 1 was all over me and girl 2 was there for girl 1. I didn't have sex with girl 2 but I did enjoy playing with her and girl 1 and I enjoyed watching them get it on together . They were very passionate with each other and both made out hard with me but girl 2 didn't want any hard stuff. Girl 1 was almost insatiable however and while we were doing it girl 2 was all over both of us kissing and touching and toying with us for her own pleasure.

We were all three getting pretty drunk and we ended up sleeping together on that big sofa, what an incredible night. One thing that struck me was both girls attitude, they were both adamant about us having a threesome, like they would not have taken no for an answer. I want to go back to Norway someday, but I probably won't get the chance to return. Maybe one of these days!