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Sunday, January 16, 2005

too close for comfort

One of the many jobs I did for a living was to fit pipe and tubing together and weld them with a torch or welding machine. This required doing a lot of measuring at all types of lengths, curves and angles, and you could easily wear out even a high quality retractable tape measure in just a couple months, cheapass chinese knock-offs just didn't cut the mustard. Being the fidgety type person that I am and having the tape measure hanging on my belt made it a fun toy even when I wasn't "working". One day I happened to have the tape extended while the tape measure was still hooked on my belt as I was playing with it when someone came up beside me. I swung around and nearly hit him in the mouth with the end of the tape and exclaimed "Damn dude, you're only 36 inches away from giving me a blow-job! back off sukka!" Now of course the guy got all hacked off at me while several people laughed out loud and it was quite funny or so I thought anyway, but, I don't think the guy ever forgave me, was I so wrong??