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Monday, January 17, 2005

blog o'the week

I have a special blog o' the week this time boys and girls, a very sweet lady named Veronica who is suffering from breast cancer and is very new to the blogging scene. She has one really cool blog at Hissy Fit, very pretty the way it is set up and I would very much appreciate you all going over and giving her a hearty hello. She doesn't have many posts up yet so it's not a lot to read but still quite good. Also find her at the link in my sidebar.

the chocolate bar

One of my best friends, a guy we called Tommy was famous for picking on his younger brother Ritchie. No matter what Ritchie did or had, Tommy would either take it away from him or tease him in some way. One day Ritchie came out the house into the garage where we hanging out and he was about to eat a candy bar. Of course Tommy jumped him and took the candy bar away and ate it quickly to keep Ritchie from having it. After Tommy was finished swallowing the entire bar Ritchie announced that it was in fact not chocolate but Ex-Lax in the old candy bar form. Tommy missed school for 2 days and Ritchie got beat up.