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Monday, February 14, 2005

my fave phrases

spoken by girlfriends....

  • Hmmmm, I never tried that before... ok!
  • Oooo I hope no one sees us!
  • Oooo maybe someone will see us!
  • No, that's your koocha, I just have to tote it around for ya....
  • You wanna do what! No way! Well, ok... just this once...
  • Oooo let's do that again!
  • Shhhh, feel... under the table... I pulled my panties off...
  • Omg, i'm soooo wet!
  • I want some face!
  • Come help me shave it, please!
  • Can I shave you?
  • We are sooooo nazzzteee!
  • OWWW..... don't stop!! OWWWW..... harder!
  • Pinch them harder! harder!
  • OH. MY. GOD!
  • Don't Stop!
  • I want more.....now....mister....
  • Look! I shaved it into a heart! Happy Valentines! ♥ ♥