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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Haloscan Fun

They have a cool new feature for Haloscan users, they've enabled the use of Gravatars! What is a Gravatar? It's short for globally recognized avatars. It's an 80x80 pixel image you create and send to the folks at www.gravatar.com after signing up and logging in. It's totally free and easy to do! The little image follows wherever you go that you use your email address that it's attached to. Take a look in my comments and notice how a little pic of me appears next to each comment I leave inside that teeny tiny little blue box! To make that work in your Haloscan comments you have to go to Haloscan and get the beta html code available in the forums there in the Beta testing section and save it for your use! It won't change the appearance of your Haloscan comment box except it will add the Gravatar capability! Give it a try !

I decided to republish the beginning of my stalled novel for anyone that might be interested to read an account of some adventures in a small cajun town named Delacroix. It's a fun read and maybe you guys might encourage me to write some more to it... hehe. You can find it here! It's also in my sidebar under the Fresh Engines header, Templates in Progress!