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Saturday, February 19, 2005

what works me up

that last list was sooo fun, here's another for you guyz!

  1. I like to see a tiny bit of moustache hair on a woman at close observation, weird? I think it means higher than normal testosterone levels which seems to equate with being highly sexed. Never mind that it's bleached or real difficult to see, just that it's there is a bit of a turn on. Same goes for forearm hair and pubes. Ya, i'm weird, sue me....
  2. Nicely trimmed pubes, I wanna see what i'm diving for, and a mouth full of hair is not fun and especially not in the dark. Being able to see all the naughty details is a major plus and can't be stressed enough. Shaved is optional, but not fun all the time, the regrowth is too stubbly and hard on the face! Just long enough that it's not like stubble is the perfect length in my opinion.
  3. Sex in public. I've been lucky enough to enjoy that with several women, one quite often. She was majorly turned on by the idea that we could get caught, but didn't really want to actually get caught. See the difference? We were caught once in mid act, naked on the floor of my van when 2 cops swung the doors open and put their flashlights right on us! After that night she would often suggest we go parking in the moonlight even though we were married and had a nice place to have all the sex we wanted! That was my first wife.
  4. The look. I want to be slayed with a look that says "dude, your ass is mine when we get home!" in a room full of people, A woman that can make me feel like we're all alone in a group of other people is amazing, when you have that kind of rapport, there's nothing better. Body language is way underestimated I think. Not to mention a bit of uncomfortable drool from you know where.
  5. Soft, loving, caressing sex. Relaxed and thoughtful, enjoying the moment to moment feeling and taking pleasure more from the love than the lustful urges. It's love baby! I want that....very much with all my potential long term relationships. This is always high on my mind with any woman, a long term relationship is what I want.
  6. Lustful, nasssteee over the top sex! The type that can last for hours and hours. This is a must in the long run of my relationships, if you don't want your base sexual urges satisfied in a primal fashion like the animals we are then don't knock on my door. I want to explore all possibilities with my lover and seek a suitably curious partner.
  7. Talk dirty. Yes, I want to hear it when we're into #6 above, I mean I want to hear it all. In vivid color, the type of language that makes even sailors blush. C*nt, f*ck, pr*ck and p*ssy are all lumped in there. I censored that for you guys, ain't I nice?
  8. Pain. I like a bit of pain with my pleasure, and I've had that kind of fun often with many different women. Nothing drastic or even drawing blood, just the mild stuff please. Some light spanking, nipple biting and pinching in the right spots are a huge turn on for me, how about you? I even like teeth marks on my johnson once in a while, do it!
  9. Taking showers together on occasions, soaping each other up and even washing each others naughty bits can be a lot of fun, but not all the time, privacy is also important in any relationship. Don't overdo the intimacy. But don't underplay the importance of that special feeling of sharing very intimate details about each other.
  10. Tell me you love me, often, daily, kiss me and hold me, make me feel special, and i'll return the affection doubly. Love notes, special food, surprise kisses for no obvious reason, eating out at romantic spots, feeding each other, eating each other, and just being playful and thoughtful are great things to share, I want that!
  11. When I turn you on, show me, get the wetness on your fingertips and make me taste you or put my hand there and have me feel for myself, that sort of thing drives me wild, and i'll show you just how wild when we hit the sheets. I'm all yours!
  12. Be animated, don't just lay there and let me do ya, that's no fun, sex is interactive, lets share being dominant, you take the initiative or command me to do your evil naughty bidding. Lets play!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it, have fun!!