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Monday, February 21, 2005

what the hell?

I cut all my locks off just before Christmas and then shaved the beard, and some of you lamented the absence of both. Good news! As you can see by my new profile pic the beard is coming along nicely hey! Odd side affect tho, my air guitar has grown a beard of it's own and lo and behold it's an albino air guitar! Very rare with all that white hair, weird huh.
Another interesting side effect is that I now have a penchant for cheap sunglasses, walk around mumbling lyrics to old ZZ Top classics, and I went out and bought a pair of jeans with a velcro fly. I hope that last item comes in handy soon. Must be excess testosterone levels. Any ideas?


Last night I had a brain fart and the whole damn universe just jumped up and disappeared! wtf is up with that? Thanks to some quick thinking on my part you guys all reappeared in my head and everything was back to normal. Or so I thought, this morning I had wood like a mofo' and I had to pee sooooo bad, my old stand-by of thinking about bumpin' uglies with Roseanne Barr still wouldn't allow me to drain the old vein. sheesh. I tried Lois' suggestion of doing a hand-stand but the blood rush to my other head made me woozy and I couldn't hit the target anyway. Can any of you guys give me some ideas on another horrible thing to think about when you get that way. Damn, I must be gettin' old, Roseanne just ain't ugly enough to do the trick any more. Kill me now!


In other news at least 4 women bloggers, all sweet and lovely people, have been having some troubles with people hassllin' them big time. Two have had to completely uproot their blogs to a new url to hide from the dastardly fiends and let the faithful know by email of their new digs, one has had to password lock hers and another is seriously considering to drop the whole blogging experience over it. Well I got one thing to say and let me be as blunt as possible :
Leave my friends alone! you flat headed , scum sukkin', knuckle draggin', pieces of shit! If you have any balls you'll fuck with me!, to paraphrase Trashman, I want some hate mail too, send it to me!! Try to push me around, you simpering balls of slime! Ya, just what I thought, pussies, all, think they're big men because they lean on women. grrrrr.


Sometimes odd events drop right in to your lap, from out of the blue someone happens to brighten your outlook on everything. New friends can be really cool and they may say things to you that you took for granted about yourself. Yeah, shit like that is precious. Thank you my new friend! Maybe one day we'll hop on a couple of 4 legged Harleys and ride, just ride!