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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Stumbled It

I've been playing around with a web surfing program that's highly addicting called Stumble Upon. Weird name, but fun to use. You have to install a small tool bar to your browser that allows you to click "next" and it will send you randomly to different websites in categories of your choosing. Sounds kind of dumb I know and I was very skeptical but I've come across tons of cool websites out there, stuff you never knew existed. Once you start it's hard to stop!

Users get to add their favorite sites and everyone that stumbles on that site behind them gets to vote thumbs up or thumbs down, right from your browser. You can even choose different channels as you surf. They have communities and you get your own pages that list all your own favorited sites and you can mark people as friends or contacts based on your personal interests. I found out that it works much better with Firefox, I found several issues using it with IE 7. Give it a try, you'll like it!

Here's a couple of photos of a bronze statue that I stumbled on recently, that made me go WTF??? That's just crazy! I think it's in Denmark.

You would never see anything like that in the USA! I could just imagine an artist proposing something like that to the local city council. "You'll be able to see WHAT??? And you want us to pay for it??? Get out the tar and feathers!!!! LOL

I'm thinking about my moving my blog again and finally going over to Wordpress with my own domain. Hell, I might as well, I've got 6 different Wordpress installations running right now but half of them are used for designing templates for customers. I've been on Blogger now for about 2.5 years and I'll miss it, it's been a pretty decent home for the most part and I've made a lot of great friends here as well. It does have it's aggravations and annoyances though. I've even bought a name that I like and it's already hosted, in fact I now own 8 different domain names for my various web endeavors. The only problem is finding the time to get it set up and build a new design. Eventually!

Hope you guys are having a good weekender!