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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cell Phones and Sales People That Suck

Went to one of those huge ass home improvement stores that always claim to have everything you will ever need to do it yourself, cross our hearts and hope to die, the other day to help my mother buy some concrete catch basins for the downspouts on her house. As we entered the outdoor home and garden area I was elated to see an employee way in the back in the area where the concrete items were stored on the ground and high shelves. It was obvious that the man was on his cell phone and as we got nearer I noticed he moved over behind one of the shelving units as though he were trying to hide from us, as he was too damn busy talking in to his phone to help us, mere customers that we were, we were obviously well below the level needed to interupt the call he was making to his stock broker/drug dealer/girlfriend/momma/old buddy from Detroit/the President/sex hotline/psychic hotline/suicide hotline/gay sex hotline/girfriend in Cincinatti, which I am certain was of the utmost importance, just judging by hard he tried to avoid being seen. Did this deter my mom? Hell no, she homed in like a cruise missle and asked him where we could find the goods we needed. Well he told us the items we needed were just inside the side door of the main building, so we hiked off to have a look and it turned out his info was incorrect and I searched back outside again until I found the things ONE aisle away from where we first met the cellphoneguy. Now this thoroughly ticked me off but I held my tongue when my mom collared him to help get the items down (heavy concrete) while I went to retrieve a platform to load them on to. When I returned the cellphoneguy had sneaked away leaving the items one shelf lower, but within our reach, sigh, what an asswipe he was. Was I through with him? Hell no.
We went up to the front to check out and there were no prices on the items and the girl started making phone calls to Satan to find out the price on these stupid things and after waiting a few minutes I walked to the back and literally ripped the big price tag thingy off the shelf destroying it in the process. The checkout girl sheepishly said "Sir that's supposed to stay on the shelf"
I replied that I know, but this will give the cellphoneguy something to do when he's not on the phone. I smiled and we left.