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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

cajuns on the moon before John Glenn!!

I was at the dentist today in the waiting room and met this gentle, elderly cajun man with a very strong french accent. You could easily tell he was from wayyy down the bayou. He leaned over and talked to me like we were old friends, and as it turned out we both used to work for the same offshore construction company at the same time. We had an interesting conversation about different people we both knew and had not seen in many years. He also told me he was the Superintendant of the entire company for a number of years, I did not recognize his name though. I was enjoying the conversation up to the point where he claimed he had landed on the moon long before John Glenn by flying his plane there, I was like wtf??? And as far as I am aware John Glenn has never been to the moon and Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot there.

I quickly decided the man had gone way off the deep end and he clinched it by telling me he had breakfast with JFK the morning before he was shot! AND that the Secret Service thought that he had shot him!! But he had an alibi of a co-pilot in his plane at the time of the death and was able to prove it. So that got him off the hook. The man was very earnest about his stories and told them in a very sweet and kind manner, he was nicely and neatly dressed and showed no outward signs that he might be a few squares off. It was sad yet amusing at the same time. I wished him a good day and good luck.