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Monday, December 06, 2004

Senior Citizen's should be Banned!

from fast food restaurant lines during the noon rush hour between 12 & 1. As a working man with only a half an hour for lunch they clog up the works horribly. You stand in line for up to 20 minutes or more because these retired people descend upon the local eateries at precisely 12, just before you arrive in a hurry to get lunch and back to work. If you are lucky you may have 10 minutes to wolf the food down and get back to work on time. I'll defend their right to eat anywhere they please, but do the have to eat at 12 frikkin o'clock? Hell no, they have all day to eat at their leisure! Recently overheard conversation from the eldely couple just in front of me at a Wendy's restaurant AFTER the cashier asks for their order. Picture this at a very leisurely pace:

"Ok, Harold what do you want to eat?" says the lady, now looking up at the menu board for the first time since they came in.
"Oh, I don't know Martha. Let me take a look." Now he looks at the menu.
"Well I think I had the chicken sandwich the other day, so I don't want that, hmmm what do I want?" grrr like some one else here would know.
"Harold, why don't you try the fish sandwich , that's real good."
"No, no, not the fish, I don't feel like fish today." squinting at the menu board.
"What about you? What do you want?"
"Me? I think I'll just have a hamburger and a coke." the cashier punches in the order.
"Ok sir what will you have?" asks the cashier.
"Oh just give me what she's having that, will be good."
"Wait, can I get that hamburger with cheese, please?" says Martha.
"Oh me too, I want cheese on mine too" says Harold. Then the cashier corrects their orders.
"That will be $7.37 please." says the cashier.

Just then you get this terrible sinking feeling as the lady reaches in to her purse and pulls out the OH MY GOD! NOOOOOO!!, not the little bitty change purse, and then she dutifully and carefully counts out 37 pennies to the cashier.
By this time you are a nervous wreck and seething with anger because you now have only 5 minutes to eat and make it back to work on time!