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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Camping the "Y"

I think most guys can agree that taking care of a good woman is essential and in fact can be a lot of fun. But to make this work well the woman has to keep the area clear of extraneous brush and shrubberyand keep it well manicured. If I really like the view the more likely I am to set up camp and really keep the fire stoked so to speak. Mowing it all off is not necessary unless you're into having your woman look like a great big little girl and that comes with the risk of making you feel like some kind of pervert. Of course shaved can be fun at first but the regrowth can be bad news and quite hard on the face.
Women, what do you think? You spend a lot of time on hair, makeup and clothes, why not a few more minutes to do a little bit to keep the playground up. Maybe he will spend more time camping at the "Y". You have nothing to lose for trying. Oh and guys if your lady hasn't been saluting the flagpole lately maybe the area surrounding it needs some landscaping, this works both ways you know. Now excuse me while I go make myself look like a great big little boy, at her request.