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Saturday, December 04, 2004

I'm Glad My PC is not a Toaster

Why? If they were, we would always be eating burnt toast, a wise man once said. Think about it, the number of conceivable problems and possible errors expands exponentially when you you consider all the possible combinations of hardware from all the different manufacturers such as CD/DVD drives, hardrives, motherboards, cables, processors and then throw in all the possible variables that come with all the different programs and operating systems that we like to install to make them do all the stuff we like, whether it is heavy duty number crunching for video editing or to play some silly little tetris game.
If you have ever gone to Microsoft and done a search to fix a compatibility problem of some type, the number of possible errors that can pop up can be staggering! Even a simple search on Google can return millions of results to fix even the smallest mindnumbing error. I know it's the hotrodder in me that makes me keep my PC's in tiptop shape because I am not happy unless they can really smoke the tires, so to speak. Just like any machine they need maintenence to keep them in good working order from time to time and I don't know about you guys but I hate burnt toast.