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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Too Many Scents Is Just Senseless

Ever notice just how many scents we wear on a daily basis? I'll work from the top down. First off we have the shampoo, I personally use that new Garnier Fructis stuff, you know the one with the commercials showing all the young people having fun tossing their hair around and stuff. I wanted some of that fun so I bought a bottle and if I had known it would make my head smell like a 2 day old fruit salad I wouldn't have. (sort of like the herpes commercials, those people are always out cycling and boating and having a great time, almost makes you wish you had herpes too!) Moving down I use Clearisil pads on my face because I tend to have oily skin but these things have their own chemical scent, I don't know how long it lasts but it definitely clashes with the eau de fruit salad.
Moving further down we come to the deodorant, I like Old Spice with a scent called Pure Sport, whatever the hell that means, all I know is it smells good and it amazingly does not clash with my Old Spice body soap also scented Pure Sport. I steered clear of the one called Red Alert or something like that, the idea that commies might attack my pits was just too much. Unfortunately I can't find an Old Spice cologne with the same scent so I use one named Whitewater and again what the hell is whitewater supposed to smell like? I dunno but it smells pretty good, I get compliments on it and it doesn't seem to clash too badly with the Pure Sport scents, but they all clash with the eau de fruit salad odor.
Are we done yet? Oh no, no we have to consider the odors from our detergents we use to wash our clothes and the dryer sheets or softners that have various odors, like "spring fresh scent" which can take on entirely different meanings depending on whether you live next door to either the city dump or a sewage treatment plant. And those odors always clash with all of the previous mentioned.
Now to the problems women face. I am pretty sure they have all the above mentioned clashes plus even more. Face make up has it's own scent, maybe not perfumed but still has a scent. I have also noticed that lipgloss/lipstick can have it's own odor as well. Mint or fruity scented facial scrubs can also add to the smorgasbord. If a woman likes to wear Obsession for example, can she buy a vaginal deodorant with the same scent? Not as far as I know. It's also funny how they market underarm products, take Secret for example, is it called that because we like to pretend that women don't get offensive pit odors like men?
Commercials for men's underarm products are always bold and brash claiming their products can tame that dastardly pit odor! Anyway what better way to start or end your day with so many wonderful thoughts about odors, enjoy!