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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mardi Gras in the Air!

Not even Christmas yet and N.O. is gearing up for one of the biggest parties in the world, Mardi Gras. The "Krewe du Vieux" had their fund raiser on December 03. The invites stated "costumes encouraged, nudity qualifies". Along with the "Krewe du Vieux Doo", and the "Krewe of Drips and Discharges". I am sorry I missed "Anne Rice" my fav vampire queen's party at "Les Temps des Vampires"

Also, check out the "Baggage List" at Bitchcakes blog, very funny!
And what I want to call the "Injury List" at Kristins blog, like what if Chevy Chase had been a woman.

Laissez le bon temp roulez!