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Saturday, December 25, 2004

What did I get for Christmas?

  • Popeil Pocket Fisherman - I love these thing's! No really I do. You can fish from your car. Just stop on a bridge and cast right out the window and BAM you got fish! Thanks Auntee Mae! I'll bring you some fish! bones you old hag. i'll store it with the others i got the last couple years.
  • 1yr Readers Digest- thanks Uncle Johnny! now I won't need to buy tissue for a whole year, i'll keep these by the john.
  • Musk Cologne-Oh Aunt Margie! You should'nt have! And jeez it's so huge!the half gallon size is great a few more of these and i can make a bomb.
  • Musk Cologne-Uncle Ray, dude, you rock! now to find out who the hell said i liked musk cologne and keel him.
  • Light House Calendar-Thanks Mom! I love you! what can i say? she reads me!
  • Socks-Thanks again Mom! You are so sweet!
  • 1yr Sports Illustrated-um thanks Dad! well at least i can look forward to the swimsuit issue, sigh. and it's better than a bag o'broken glass like last years.
  • Bright Red Reindeer Sweater-Gee thanks Aunt Jane! if my mom suggests I go put it on I swear....
  • Hawaiian Theme Ceramic Ashtray-Thank you so much Auntee Louise! Oh you made it yourself, huh? Yeah, this will look great with my contemporary decor. i think i'll stick it under her car tire before she leaves
  • Keychain Swiss Army Knife-Awww Aunt Mary you are so sweet! now if i join the swiss army i can learn to kill with the plastic toothpick

What a wonderful bounty of potential regifts,

wouldn't these make your day too?