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Monday, March 14, 2005

a new template!!

Shameless Plugging!

Finally!! I've found a 3 column template setup that works well under all resolutions and screen sizes that I've tested it in so far and it even looks right in Firefox!! Awesome! It took tons of tweaking and messing with to get it just right but it was worth the effort I think. This template works well with Blogger and doesn't need to be hosted elsewhere! And now I plan on using it for people that want a 3 column setup for their blog! It's VERY customizable as far as sidebar images, headers, colors, font colors and sizes, backgrounds and colors and just about anything else you want! I can deliver a unique appearance to anyone that desires it. One thing I've hated about all the 3 column templates I've seen before is that you end up with sideways scrolling when viewed on smaller screens, but not with this one, it automatically resizes!

I've also decided to make up small buttons, banners and even gravatars. Not to mention cool ass headers and stuff. So if you are in need of those services, spank me with some gmail at biteseven@gmail.com and we can talk! The prices will be very reasonable! And don't forget about doing entire blogs! My 2 newest ones are Lois Lanes new setup here and then there's Brightons blog here!! Oh, yeah, and they are both a great read, even if i wasn't showing off my template skills LOL

Over the weekend I was reminded of a story about an old friend of mine named Jim, he was a long haired guy like me and we were at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. They normally have people on horseback in the parades including mounted police leading it. A cop on horseback happened to stop right smack in front of us and Jim reached over and patted the horse on the side of its neck in a very friendly way, the cop kicked Jim square in the chest knocking him down with his boot in the stirrup and yelled keep your hands off my horse you fukkin' hippie!! Of course Jim was thoroughly PISSED and the rider and parade started to move again immediately.
When the cop got about 20 ft away fom us Jim jumped up and gave the cop the finger and the cop happened to turn and see him. He blew his whistle and 3 cops on foot came over and grabbed Jim and started whipping his ass on the ground with their clubs!!! One of them even pulled almost all the hair out of the top of Jims head! They threw his ass in jail for the weekend and charged him with being drunk and disorderly or someshit, I forget now, but the charge was total BS and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it back then. Now the cops are a lot cooler and let LOTS of shit slide at Mardi Gras, maye they were inundated with brutality lawsuits in later years. When that incident happened with Jim, those kind of lawsuits were unheard of.