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Friday, March 25, 2005

nice weather

The weather here has been awfully nice lately with the exception of the tree pollen in the air, I'm allergic to some. Yeah, sucks to be me, well not really, but. I've been a bit busy the past couple days, the hot water went down at the folks, the heater tank rusted thru and water was leaking all over the place. They somehow procrastinated on buying a new one as they agonized over what brand name to buy, me, I'm not so picky over brand names on household items. I walk in, the salesman shows me a washing machine for $369 thats loaded with bells & whistles when theres a machine right there for $199 and I ask whats wrong with the cheaper one. Of course he will reply "nothing, but" and I'll break in with another question like "does it wash clothes?" His inevitable reply will be "of course" which leads me to say "thats what I need, load it up" bitch! How about you guys, are you that picky on mundane shit like hotwater heaters and can openers?

I can see maybe buying a counter top can opener for the looks, I mean sometimes there is the coolness factor involved on having a spiffy looking machine on your kitchen counter. But other than that, if the damn thing opens freakin' cans what difference does it make, other than buying for low price. My folks bought one of those stupid egg shaped looking can openers last year made by Black & Decker, looked really cool. Came packed inside a 1 gallon paint can, weird packaging yes, but I assume they thought that added to the coolness factor for some reason. The result was that it ended up being basically sentenced to collect dust in the laundry room as one of the biggest pieces of crap I have ever seen.

I mean really, tin cans have been around for a while now, you would think that opening them wouldn't be such a whizz bang technology, not exactly bleeding edge. So just how do we end up with a heavily advertised total piece of crap on the market from a fairly well respected company like Black & Decker. Market pressure? Or have they figured out the we are just lambs to the slaughter, that we'll always buy the coolest "looking" thing on the horizon no matter how shitty of a product it is. The bottom line is that all cans are now opened with one of those old fashioned hand cranked ones, although a very nice comfortable to hold one with big finger grips for easy turning. Yeah, it opens cans, exactly like it was intended and all for less than $10, amazing how technology sometimes just jumps up and bites you on the ass. Suck it Black & Decker!

New topic:

Nanner, the peachy one, the queen of peachiness, the peach mistress herself, should be ringing me up tomorrow if all goes well on her trek towards Houston, Tx. I'm very much looking forward to meeting her in person. I imagine we'll do some touristy shit and poke around the French Quarters and have some food together! I can't wait really, aren't I lucky? I got to meet Laurie from the blog called "Do You Know What It means to Miss New Orleans" from Beaumont, Tx the weekend before Mardi Gras (todays Blog of the Day, click the phlegm) and then 2 weeks ago I got to meet the Cooter gal Angela of "Welcome to Cootersnap!" Does it get any better? Yeah, I didn't think so!

You guys have a great weekend with plenty of extra hotwater! Oh, and no playing with that cool new electric can opener in the tub!