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Monday, March 21, 2005

the drag

There are many ways to drag, and one is of course to drag things out. Drag it out to the point of feeling like you're nearly insane. Other ways include but not limited to are drag racing, drag the river, drag things on the ground and taking a long drag. Don't be a drag, man! I'm dragging ass, I need coffee. I hate this job so much I'm gonna drag up. Put some drag on that ball. What's the coefficient of drag on that car. Drag queens are everywhere. Just drag and drop. Click and drag.

I applied with the state back in November for some Vo-Tech training and aid in finding new employment because I'm still considered disabled. That was about the time I started to feel healthy enough to do something with myself since my liver transplant and I also started this blog at about the same time. I was doing well as a top paid auto technician in Georgia at a major dealership before I fell ill but now with my body being immuno-suppressed for the remainder of my life to protect my liver from being killed by my own body I have to change trades. Even a small cut or break in the skin could easily lead to infections and that means like a week in the hospital, being pumped full of antibiotics or even death. I think you can see why being a mechanic would be a bad idea.

I want to learn another trade, something in the IT fields, like networking, yeah I'm pretty good with setting up and running small networks, for personal, home and small business. I used to own a small company in Atlanta called Alpha Computers. Building and selling PC's and setting up networks and I also did some webmastering for several small companies, but I've lost a lot of those skills while I was ill. I've been really enjoying relearning html and now the inner workings of css which was just a pimple in webmastering back when I used to do it. I know I still have a long ways to go and now I want to get some formal training in that area. When I was younger I loved working outdoors in the garage, cold in the winter and hot in the summer never really bothered me much but now I want to work indoors dammit, so I'm not lamenting not being able to use my old technician skills as much as you might think.

Now for the real drag, I'm STILL waiting for the rusty ass gears of bureaucracy to move and shove things into the right position for me to go to school. They tested my psyche and determined that I would benefit from whatever money they spent on my behalf and I thought it was all set and done. Now they want me to go to an evaluation that will last an entire 6 or 7 workdays to determine what kind of placement I can get in classes and beyond. I half-heartedly understand why, but, what started out as them telling me that if things moved well I could get into spring classes. Now, it's starting to look like I won't even make the beginning of the summer class schedules!! I am yet to be even scheduled to go for the week long evaluation, it's supposed to arrive in the mail and no word yet.

Yeah, its dragging ass, I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue and quit smoking, hey, can I get a drag? If this shit keeps up they may be dragging the river for my body and then after all is said and done I hope I don't get a job that sucks so bad that I just wanna drag up. Or maybe I could go bartend at one of those night clubs in the french quarter with the drag queen shows. And the state is just flat out being a damn drag! If I'm really lucky I'll end up at a job where I can do a lot of click and drag. Ahh, screw it, maybe I'll just toss it all and go drag racing! See ya on the blacktop, leadfoot.