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Saturday, April 16, 2005

mymy meme

a few things about me!
  1. I grew up within one block of the Mississippi River and swam in it as a child with my younger brother even though we were forbidden to go near it.
  2. We would throw rocks at the nutrias (rats as big as dogs) under the wharf at the Naval Base on the river.
  3. I have a crack in my skull above my right eye where I ran into a parked car with my bicycle when I was about 5. It knocked me out and took 8 stitches to close, the scar and the crack are still there.
  4. I fell off a horse and was dragged by my foot caught in a rope for a couple hundred feet on my stomach. I was probably 6 yrs old. ouch!
  5. I used to seriously race motocross. I once ran in a state championship, I placed 3rd in the first heat, had a fall and finished 10th in the second heat and my bike brokedown in the last heat. I finished 17th overall in the state championships in spite of not even finishing the last heat!
  6. The very next race I attended I broke my Suzuki's frame in 2 pieces on a very long highspeed jump. I never had it fixed.
  7. I first worked offshore at 17 yrs old and had to lie about my age to go.
  8. I delivered newspapers for 4 years in my early teens, I had one of those huge old fashioned paper boy bikes that weighed like 60 lbs. I was very well developed and could pedal a load of papers in it's huge basket for all I was worth for the entire route.
  9. I bought my first motorcycle, a Yamaha motocrosser with money from that route.
  10. I also bought a Kingston sunburst bass guitar and cool Ampeg tube amplifier with money from that paper route. I could never play worth a shit in spite of taking lessons.
  11. I played in a neighborhood garage band called the Open Path and we did covers of old rock stuff from the Beatles, Cream, Led Zep and many others.
  12. I was the bad assed loner in high school, nobody but nobody messed with me. Not even the football team members.
  13. I once pressed 300 lbs 10 times quickly with my legs in the football workout room and the coach nearly had a heart attack and wanted to give me a BJ and then begged me to play on the team. He timed me in the 100 yard dash a couple of times and I was faster and stronger than anyone on the team.
  14. This was witnessed by many football team members, that's why nobody messed with me.
  15. The coach annoyed the hell out of me to play for a long time but I was too busy making money after school to play football.
  16. My favorite uncle helped me build a soap box derby racer, I won my first heat, was knocked out of the competition in my second but it was a lot of fun.
  17. I hated my high school years with a passion. It was too easy and I never had to apply myself. I would finish all my new text books within a week of each new semester and was bored to tears the rest of the time.
  18. I have not attended one single high school reunion for many reasons, number one being that I could not care less.
  19. I once hitchhiked to Little Rock, Arkansas from New Orleans to hang out with a school friend that moved there. I hitchhiked all over the southeast but that trip was my longest at one shot. Hitchhiking was a lot of fun back then, I've no idea what it's like now.
  20. I stayed with that buddy at his grandparents farm in Arkansas for an entire summer. We worked in the fields for $1 an hour + room & board. It was a lot fun and we did a lot of partying on the weekends. The farm food was amazingly good.

That's it for today! This was my first meme list and it was fun and I'll add to it laters. Have a good weekend my friends!