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Sunday, May 15, 2005


I know I've been slacking lately on posting, I think it's just a phase though. I still enjoy it very much, I just can't seem to come up with any good topics lately except for my diving stories. I have plenty of those but I don't want this blog to be about that alone. There's a lot going on in my life right now but nothing that I want to blog about for fear of messing up a couple of good things. Really good things. Hell yes!


I've never done one of these so forgive me for doing it once! A list of silly searches that found my blog!

10) One man firehose handling- I personally don't ask for assistance when I take a leak, so hands off beotch!

9) Right place, wrong time- Haven't we all been to that place at the wrong time? What's the point of Google searching for it. Must be looking for trouble with that one.

8)Raped by 2 girls- One of my fantasys that came true! Can't blame ya for that one buddy.

7)Nude pictures of Morgan Webb- Woooo she is so hot. Hell yeah, when you find some, send me the links will ya!!

6)Kate Beckinsale bodacious- She's one of my faves, right under Sandra Bullock, but is she truly bodacious, I have no idea. You're looking in the wrong place pally!

5) Grandma sex with dogs- ok this one just blows my mind, what the hell is grandma sex anyway, doing it with grandma bent over her walker maybe? And then enticing a Great Dane to join in? Jeez, get a freekin' life whoever did that stupid search...

4)Cannibilism sex- Ok, now I have the creepys, this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase hungry for love.... go eat somewhere else dammit!!

3)Penis spurting- Ok, I understand where that one came from, one of my favorite activities actually. Apparently, I'm not the only one....

2)Blowjob cock-biting - Ok I admit it, I like teeth dammit, yeah so I enjoy a little pain with my pleasure.... so what! Leave me alone!! Dammit !!

1)Picture of penis wiper blades- Haha This one is my favorite. Can you buy penis wiper blades? Anyone know? If so I think I might want a set for my car!!! Hell yeah!!!


Now is the part where I show off. hehe. Sometimes that's just plain fun... I did a few new blogger templates recently and you know I like showing them off soooo... The first one is over at Boo's Blog, many of you may know her, if not you should! I think she also has blogging's l o n g e s t url ever! Next up is at Kiss of Life with Sharron doing all the smooching, a fun blog with lots of nice pictures and lots of doggie pics too, Seamus, take note buddy! Next up is the blog of none other than Tommy Blaze, nationally known comedian, has been seen on Friends the sitcom as Rachel's date and had parts in several movies, and gets to hang out sometimes with peeps like Drew Carey!! Not many have found his blog yet so be the first on your block to get in on the fun, go over to all three and tell em' I sent ya LOL hell yeah!!

Have a stellar weekend!!!