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Saturday, April 23, 2005


If I thought for a minute that they played this music shipboard all day and nite I would join the Navy in a minute... see if you recognize this song from the recruiting commercials...


I was flying below the clouds, gliding effortlessly over the landscape, the wind screaming in my ears. The buildings below looked like toys in a childs playpen and the people looked inanimate as I blew by so quickly everything was almost a blur. My cape was making loud popping noises as it cracked like a whip trailing behind me in the winds of my passage. Suddenly I felt heat, strong and intense, a deep burning, burning, burning. I quickly realized it was a very strong sensation in my loins and the heat became so intense I could barely stand the pain...was I being assaulted by some insidious heat ray from the ground below? I turned and doubled back using my enhanced vision to search the ground swooping in for a closer look. I saw nothing out of the ordinary but then... the light changed and the car behind me blew its horn.

I had spilled my boiling hot coffee in my lap, damn I gotta stop day dreaming at red lights.


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