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Friday, May 06, 2005

a meme.. untagged

I've been tagged twice to do this meme so you guys get this instead of the finish to my last post! hehe

1) If I could be a scientist, I would invent a chemical that could be spread on lawns to put it into suspended animation of sorts, it would look great and the grass would grow so slow that it would not need trimming for months! This would save billions in fuel costs every year and give me more time to screw off! Unfortunately the main effect would get spread all over the entire world and all plants and vegetables would grow so slowly that the entire world would starve to death, all life on earth would cease to exist.

2) If I could be a missionary I would teach a new religion that worships computers and then use the power behind my new born cult of pc worshippers to take over the entire world. We would eventually build a system so incredible it would rule all mankind and become evil and eventually set off all the nuclear devices on the planet, all life would cease to exist.

3) If I could be an architect I would design a bridge to cross the Pacific Ocean and make it possible to drive to both Hawaii and Japan. Unfortunately, the weight of the structure would cause the earths crust to collapse undersea, triggering an earthquake that would cause a tsunami so huge that it would engulf the land masses of every country on earth, killing all life on the planet.

4) If I could be a professor I would develop a new theory that makes nuclear fusion possible. We would then develop a massive fusion engine based on my theory to use to power all of earths energy needs for all time. Unfortunately a flaw in the theory would cause the fusion to escape it's containment system based on gravitational forces when a comet passes too close to earth. The atmosphere on the entire planet is consumed in the fusion reaction in a matter of minutes and all life on earth ceases to exist.

5) If I could be a magician I would make all of these silly meme lists disappear once and for all! Oh wait! I'm a voodoo witch doctor.... so here goes!! ... Poof!!... no more meme!

Aren't you glad YOU'RE not getting tagged for this one! hehe

yeah, I know I'm a spoil sport but some of you just love these things so feel free to steal away! You can find the list itself at Harmony St. Charles and tCj's A Girl in the Den and last but certainly NOT the least Tricia at woodyeswood !!