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Friday, June 03, 2005

Hotter Than Hades

Gahh! Another morning blown away, even after I'm all hopped up on my coffee fix. I have no idea why I do that, I get up very early, like 6 AM and then do some stuff on the 'net for a few hours and then crash and burn for a few hours. Half the day is gone! I hate when that happens! It's already quite hot here today, smokin' hot and dry after several days of rain. It's so pretty and sunny outside when viewed through a window but actually going out in it sukks!! If there was no airconditioning I would have to invent it for craps sake!

Some of you may know that I've been trying like a bitch to go to school since last November. It has finally happened! I am now officially a student as of yesterday, weee! I'm taking an online webmasters certification course thru Delgado University here in the Big Easy, hah! 6 months/150 hours of class time. What else would I take, LOL. The state has dragged their feet on paying for this course seemingly forever and my application was actually 3 days late beyond the cutoff date but after several days of virtual nail-biting on my part they accepted me!

The new problem is that the course is absolutely useless with out the accompanying textbook which they are apparently going to toss on to the back of the next pack mule headed in my general direction. Barring attacks from hostile indians, biker gangs and horny mule lovin' rednecks it should arrive in about a week or so. If the freekin' Pony Express was still running it would arrive sooner than that!

I earned a 2 year, full on college scholarship by evaluation thru my disability ( read My Liver Transplant story in the sidebar for more on my disability) but I declined it and opted for the certification classes instead. Hey, I already know how to freekin' read and write LOL.

In other news, to celebrate becoming a webmaster/student I finally took the plunge and have become an actual webmaster (not the first time actually, I had a site years ago for a PC repair business I used to own in Atlanta) by setting up a hosted site using one of my domain names www.blogsgonewild.net yay! It has lots of space and bandwidth and I paid for an entire year in advance! Woohoo! I may eventually move my blog to the site and switch over to using Wordpress to publish my blog. If any of you haven't seen the site yet there are a couple of tutorials I made to help with creating posts and embedding links into posts if you need any help there! Check it out!

Also, I am still skinning Haloscan comment boxes for anyone that wants it done, no fee! I can make it look purty and match your blog up to a certain extent depending on whether you have the paid version or not, even the free version can be customized quite a bit. Mine is the paid version for the curious.

I have a birthday coming up in a couple days, but of course now I'm at that age where I don't want any more freekin' birthdays. If you must send a present get me a new birthday suit please? The one I'm using is looking kinda worn and wrinkled lately LOL Don't bother asking how old I am cause I ain't telling! hell no! I do have an anniversary coming up that I plan on celebrating though. On July 10th it will be 1 year since my liver transplant and I never expected to live thru the entire ordeal. Seriously! I died twice and they revived me both times apparently, unless this is all a dream.... or maybe I'm in heaven, sometimes it sure feels like it! Or perhaps the Prozac I take daily works better than they actually claim. LOL

Imagine that, an entire year walking around as a zombie, the truly undead with a huge hunk of meat sewn into my belly that used to belong to someone else. The 14 inch long scar is now my symbol of life. Simply incredible... life is good! Weird though, I've never had a craving to eat anyone's brain, maybe that habit develops later on.

From the "I love to show off" department I just finished a new template over at my babes blog, Realm of the Demon Queen. Warning! Images may not be work safe and the content can be very sexually explicit! Not for the faint of heart, LOL She also posts stories written by other people if you are interested in contributing to the content!

Have a kikk azz weekend my friends! weee!!!!!