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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rant Mode... ON

I already know that there are way too many idiots on the streets that have no clue on how the hell they are supposed to drive a car, but the storm we experienced last week (Cindy) drove it home even deeper. You would think that everyone should know (and it makes logical sense) that if you approach an intersection where there is normally a traffic light and it is malfunctioning for whatever reason, and especially if the lights are OFF that you treat it like a 4 way stop. Nobody has the right of way, all vehicles are required to stop and then take turns crossing the intersection, giving first right of way to the person in the intersection to your right. Just like a freekin' 4 way stop sign!! These assholes weren't even slowing down, while others stopped. They blew right thru the intersection like it was nothing! WTF is wrong with people?? If you kill someone on the highway it's called MANSLAUGTER dammit. It's not like a damn fender bender where your insurance company pays the damages and everyone goes home. They will put your sorry ass in jail for killing another person thru your negligence. And don't forget it!!

Disturbing News

Probably everyone has heard by now that they plan on launching the shuttle again following a 2 year hiatus to fix all the problems that caused the Challenger to explode and scatter debris across several states, killing everyone onboard. What a mess and the poor astronauts didn't have a chance. Looking at this mornings paper there is a huge front page article with photos and arrows showing all the cool improvements they did to insure that Challenger can not reoccur. I was impressed until I noticed a small footnote to the article that basically said " The shuttle launch schedule suffered a minor setback when a piece of window trim fell off and damaged several heat tiles".

Uhmmm HELLO... how the FUCK does a piece of window trim just "fall" off the worlds most expensive machine. I see cars and trucks going down the road all day long and I don't see any window trim flying off of them. NASA, give General Motors a phone call already or better yet give ME a call and I'll come over with my Black & Decker cordless and a couple of screws from ACE Hardware and patch that bitch right up! In, fact I think I'll just form a new company and call it Se7ens Super Duper Shuttle Body and Paint Repair!

Click image!!!

I don't think $50,000 per window would be asking too much, what do you guys think?