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Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm a Monk! Fuck Me!

Occasionally I take stock of my life situation and right now I find myself to be too damn much like a freekin' monk. I spend long hours everyday writing, writing , and writing even more into the late hours of the evening. The only things missing are the robes, quill pen and candlelight. Not words but code, lots of html code, it does tend to get boring, and if it weren't for rocking out to my favorite metal stations on Winamp I swear I would go crazy doing this shit! I really have no life to speak of these days, I hope to some day have enough money to buy one. The thing I miss the most though is sex of course, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm one horny mofo!! The local dating scene is a wasteland of women that I cannot seem to find a common ground with, I seek but I cannot find what I'm looking for.

The women in my age range seem to have become too much like my mother, too sedate to be exciting and their interests clash with my own on a level that makes me feel like I'll never find anyone to truly love again. Demon Queen and I chilled our relationship a while back for a number of reasons, one being distance and others that I can't go into here, I miss her and I know she misses me. Maybe it can be patched again in the future, but that seems doubtful at this point in time, although we still care about each other. She really is cool and special and is a knockout in the looks department, woohoo!! Luv ya babe!! Anyway, I find myself to be a free man once again.

Ah, hell, maybe what I need is a good fuck buddy, I haven't had one in quite a few years and I miss it! Hear my plea! Any cool ladies looking for a hot, sexy and very discrete relationship and you live within a couple hundred miles of New Orleans, gimme a yell dammit! hehe. My email address is in the sidebar as always!! Stop laffin' dammit! I'm serious!! Saaaaaave me!!

My work shoes!! Flip-flops and Levi's!! Working at home has it's benefits!!

I've been busier than a watchdog in a fire hydrant factory and I bring for your viewing pleasure not one, not two, but FOUR new blog template creations!! The first one is at Victoria's Secrets, many of you know Vicki, one cool grrrl!! The next is Poker is War, a new blog written by Christel's husband, and is an anniversary gift from her to him! Cool huh? Next up is Jack written by a really nice lady that loves her pets very much! And finally, one that I finished just this morning, Chris and Her Crew!! I've just met her, she's from Wisconsin and she writes some fun stuff!!

It's Friday and I have nothing planned for this weekend, maybe I'll cruise thru the french quarter if the weather is nice, maybe go shoot some pictures, whatever!! Hope you guys have a solar powered weekend!!