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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New Stuff!!

I have two new blogs up and running that I will be writing to, the first one is here. It will be used as a sort of tech support and help forum for my Blogs Gone Wild! site. I'll be able to write some tech stuff about blogging in general and some how-to articles on a variety of subjects pertaining to blogging overall. A lot of peeps email me for advice on problems they have trying to make things work and I figure that it would be a big plus to make it available to others to read. I'm thinking maybe other people would be interested in seeing some of the things that I talk about on those subjects. Also feel free to ask me questions over there in the comments if you're having problems, I'll try to answer as best as I can!! All are welcome of course, you don't have to be a template customer, I try to help anyone that has problems!

I also have a shitload of new stuff on Blogs Gone Wild!, lots of new one of a kind, ready made templates if anyone is template shopping!! I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on my designs over at the new blog either, so feel free to stop in and hook me up!! woohoo!!

The other blog is going to be for my more personal stuff that I can't post here because of the fact that most of my family knows about this blog. I feel I need another outlet for a lot of things that I really don't want my family to read, too personal! I'll also be using it to update on my health/medical condition post liver transplant and to be able to write about my problems with the upcoming chemotherapy. A cool thing about this one is that I have theme switcher set up on it and you can choose from 4 totally different appearances! The switch buttons are just below my name in the sidebar over there.

You are all welcome to visit and chat with me there but you will need to email me for the url, I don't plan on linking to it from this blog. So just shoot me an email to seven and I'll send the address!! Come visit me!! weee!!!!!