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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Plans

Me and the mystery lady have been working out our plans to meet face to face and it's looking like the big date will be Sept. 2nd. She will be flying in to New Orleans, where I will pick her up at the airport. And yes, we will be getting a room, LOL. She'll be able to visit for up to 4 days, maybe more and we've made some plans for sightseeing around the city, and maybe do some late night Bourbon St. fun. And, of course we have plans for satisfying our base sexual urges as well. I'm sure we'll be doing plenty of that! Hell yeah! Yes, I know, you'll all want pictures!! hehehe. Don't hold your breath!! Damn, now if I can just hold out that long, that's over 2 weeks away!!! As far as her identity goes, we're still discussing whether or not it's a good idea just yet, but you guys will be the first to know!!

The weather here has been a bit hot and humid with almost daily afternoon thunderstorms. It's also mosquito season. A really scary thing, the local health dept. came by and attached an official notification to everyones front doors saying that they have found encephalitis carrying mosquitos in our neighborhood! That's fucked up! You can't even walk out your front door without worrying about contracting some nasty ass brain swelling disease!! Who needs gun carrying terrorists when you have mosquitos that can kill you right on your freeking doorstep!! Anyway, they've been coming around almost daily with a truck to spray some kind of chemical into the air to kill the little blood suckers, if the mosquitos don't get your ass, maybe the chemical will! Mr Lee is a prophet!! hehehe

Spotted some unusual new birds in the backyard the other day and they've been coming back and scouring the area for food every day since, I'm not sure what the hell they are, maybe one of you guys might know.

They look pretty cool, with a long narrow beak that curves downward and they aren't very skittish either, I was able to get pretty close before they were alarmed enough to hustle off away from me. They didn't fly though.

The hawk has been coming around pretty regularly too and I'm beginning to wonder if it's scaring all the other birds away. The bird population in the yard at any given time has been pretty low lately, I think the hawk has been using the backyard as it's own personal hunting ground, LOL. Occasionally I've found small piles of feathers in the yard, bird feathers don't just fall out in a pile, they had to have been plucked out!

Finished up a way cool new template for Lady Myles over at Evil Torturing Angel, you guys have to check her out if you've never been over there, she writes some great stuff! Guaranteed to get the blood flowing too! Hell yeah! Tell her I sent ya and maybe she'll spank you personally!! hehe