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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We're safe!!

Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful concerns and comments. You guys rock! I'm ok and my family is ok for now. The glaring exception is the welfare of my 92 yr old grandmother and my uncle who chose to weather out the storm. Their home is in old Algiers almost directly across the river from downtown New Orleans. We have been unable to get any news of their whereabouts. We have a feeling that they went to a shelter at the last minute but phone service is still down and there is no way to confirm that. I am very worried about them.

When I left home Sunday morning I had no choice but to head directly north to Jackson, Miss. but I decided to detour on the way up when I was finally able to get off the interstate and head towards Dallas, Tx by way of Natchez and Shreveport. I spent the night at my sisters house in Dallas and when I realized just how bad the storm was going to hit I decided to leave there and head west. I had an invitation from a very cool lady in Arizona to come out and visit and I decided that this would be a good time to do just that. I'm currrently in a small town near Tucson, Az out in the desert. It's been an interesting ride with a couple of minor problems along the way including a flat tire but I'm fine.

I'm staying in touch with my folks who originally ended up in Jackson, Miss. but they have since gone to stay at my sisters house in Dallas as well. A friend of the family decided he would ride the storm out in his home a block away from mine and we did get news from him that his house was flooded up to the mid floor of his split level home. They did get one short phone call from him and he was alive so far but stranded in his home. Gauging by what he told them it seems very likely that my own house was flooded up to at least waist level. That's not good!

I have no idea when I will be able to return home, but for now I'm safe and sound and have a place to stay as long as I need it. I'm really hoping to get some word of my grandmothers condition and I will update you guys when I get any new info. My home is on the southside of N.O. about 6miles from downtown just across the river. I have heard that the power will be off for an extended period, possibly even weeks and there is not even any fresh water available. Thankfully the house and contents are flood insured, but I have no idea if the house even has a freekin' roof on it at this point. There is a LOT of irreplaceble stuff there, money can't replace those things.

I do have 'net access but it's somewhat limited. I'll be back though!! You can bet on that!!