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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Public Service Announcement

All drivers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:
It is physically impossible for two vehicles to safely occupy the same space at the same time. Please stop attempting to defy the laws of physics. LOL

Back on the road again...

Looks like we'll be headed back to New Orleans first thing in the morning to survey the damage and retrieve anything left of value in the house. We'll likely spend the night at my brothers home on the way down in Hammond, La. Then continue from there the following day. I was able to get my hepatitis and tetanus vaccines earlier today at a county health services center. I must say that Texas has been great, friendly people, and very helpful and accomodating. The shots were free with a N.O. identification, very cool! The other night my folks were eating at a restaurant and when the manager learned they were from N.O. the entire dinner was on the house!! (insert ladder joke here...)

I'll be taking pics of course, in fact I've been taking photos since I left N.O. originally, I just haven't had the chance to get them off my camera and online. I'll have to put them up on Flickr when I can and post a few here. I will likely be without a 'net connection for at least a few days, maybe more!! That part sucks, I know I'll miss you guys if I'm away too long, gahhh! I hate when that happens!!!!

One more thing... I say we elect my buddie Old Horsetail Snake to head up FEMA, hehe. Sending dirt is one of the best ideas I've heard so far!

Luv you guys!!