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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Dirty Rotten Trick

I'm completely sick of living out of my car, I haven't slept in my own bed for 4 weeks now. Hell, I don't even have a freekin' bed, it got soaked in the flood and it's sitting in the gut pile along with the rest of the destroyed furnishings. Things were starting to look a lot better a couple of days ago though. The power was on at the house, and we had gotten a lot of the cleanup done. Mail was being delivered once again and there were cleanup crews showing up in the neighborhoods to pick up the debris that has mounted from people dragging the contents of their homes out to the curb. It's a shell of a house but almost livable, just like the hundreds and thousands of others in endless rows up and down every street in nearly every neighborhood in the metropolitan area.

Now we have the latest setback. We had hoped that Rita wouldn't hit our area too hard and that we would be able to stay put, but yesterday morning the power went off and we decided to throw in the towel and haul ass north once again. We stayed at my brothers home last night and listened to the wind howl, watched the trees sway and the water rise. We were safe though and at least the power remained on. Now all of the roads south are closed again, we can't return to the New Orleans area even if we wanted to. The parish wasn't under a mandatory evacuation order for Rita but we have this sinking feeling that the house may have gotten flooded again. No big deal I guess, there's not much left to destroy anyway! New Orleans certainly got a lot more water, the breeches in the levees has reflooded the city to such an extent it has probably pushed repopulating the city back a few more weeks and beyond.

Next, it will be a mighty earthquake that will swallow the entire city, gobbling up all of the swamp the city is built upon into some deep, dark black hole near the center of the earth. Or maybe a meteor will collide with the area, leveling everything for a couple hundred miles, and burning everything else for hundreds of miles beyond that into flaming cinders. We can only hope! LOL

Our lives are completly on hold, everything I had planned for myself has fallen by the wayside, my classes, the new company I wanted to start, my chemotherapy, a new job. My latest blood tests showed good news and bad news, my hepatitis c viral load is very high and I seriously need to start chemo because my liver condition is going downhill daily according to the doctors, I think I'm actually starting to feel some physical effects. Once I start the chemo though I can't stop, that means I need to be in a stable situation and location in which to receive the weekly medications. On the good news, I'm apparently geno type 3 which is more successfully treated, the exact statistics are unknown to me at the moment. Every new day seems to present new problems, new locations, new living arrangements and fresh uncertaintys.

I do have a lot to be thankful for though, I'm alive for one and so is my family and I'm not stranded in a refugee shelter with my family, with no money, (or even if you have money, no way to access it because your bank was underwater) no car, no food, no home and no forseeable end to it all, sitting on my ass, depending on handouts for my day to day existence because there is absolutely nothing else. Hell knows there are thousands in that boat, and more will be arriving in the coming weeks. It will get better though! That's what I keep telling myself anyway.