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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No Title

There's been way too much stuff going on around here that I want to post, I'll have to continue the journey story later. One of my uncles died early last week from a heart attack. He was about 80ish I think. His health had been rather poor before he had to evacuate his home, he went to stay in an assisted living home in Shreveport. That's where he passed away. There was a small memorial service and a funeral in which I was one of the pallbearers. I didn't know him all that well in the later years, our families were much closer when I was a child however and he will be missed, one really great guy. In a way I suppose you could say he was an indirect victim of the hurricane.

Then, I also had an aunt die late last week, her health had been poor for some time as well. I knew her much better, a very dear lady. She was also about 80 years old. Her funeral was yesterday, there was no burial however, she will be cremated. To top off a really ugly week, my doctors finally got their hands on my blood test results from when I was in Dallas and immediately scheduled me for a liver biopsy.

I had to drive all the way up to Baton Rouge at 4 AM Monday morning to have that done in their same day surgery unit. They kept me for most of the day before I could drive home. Damn, they stuck a looooong ass needle in my abdomen to get a tissue sample, It didn't really hurt because of the local anesthetic but it sure looks horrible when you can watch them do it!! Gahh! I won't know the results of that testing for a few days though. They want to see how much damage my new liver has sustained since the transplant. My fingers are crossed! I guess this is a prelude to the chemotherapy they are planning for me.

I thought I would throw in a few pics of some of the shit that's going on around here. Below is a pic of the house a couple months ago.

Below is a picture from a few days ago.

This one is a look at the pile of debris in front of our neighbors house. They have apparently stripped most of the damaged materials from the inside walls and threw it all oput front. This is a job that remains to be done at our house, we are still waiting on a reply for how much the flood insurance will pay for the damages 3 weeks after the adjuster has come out and did the survey.

Things are starting to return to a somewhat more normal state. They finally came out and removed all the debris from the trees yesterday and this morning which is soon to be replaced by all the debris from inside the house LOL

A lot more stores and businesses have been opening as well but the traffic has been horrendous and ridiculous. Man I am so ready for all this shit to be over with, we gotta get this city fixed up for next hurricane season! hahaha