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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hell's Gate

Continued from 2 posts down...

When I arrived at Magz place it was mid afternoon and hot and sunny, a pretty nice day actually. I pulled up and climbed out of my car to open the gate and then the moment I touched it the skies darkened ominously, dark heavy clouds rolled in and I heard a loud rumble... the ground vibrated and shook beneath my feet... then suddenly flashes of lightning from out of nowhere... startling me out of my wits. The sound of the thunder booming just in front of me was earsplitting and I was so afraid that I nearly ran back to my car. Was this some sort of warning I wondered as I regained my composure. I slowly pushed the gate open wide and the rusted hinges made an eerie creaking noise, this was just too much I thought. I figured that if I knew what was good for me I should just turn back now! This was just too weird! I decided after a few moments that I had nowhere else to go and decided to go on in.

I pulled my car up to one side in the inner driveway and got out and closed the gate behind me before I walked up toward the house. There were 3 horses in a small corral that I had to pass by on the way, they all looked up in my direction with nervous glances to see who I was, the way they acted was a bit strange but stranger still was the two very large black dogs that came running at me, seemingly from nowhere. I stood still for a moment, motionless, afraid to move, not knowing if they would attack or not until I realized their tails were wagging. They were glad to see me! That was a relief, it's good to have Rottweilers on your side! I always seem to have good juju with most dogs, they like me and I like them.

I walked around the horse pen toward the house and I noticed a few other animals in the yard, two pretty good sized turkeys and a few chickens and a rooster. They all eyed me warily, especially the rooster and the turkeys. Maybe they were afraid I was gonna eat them! Just then I realized that the skies had cleared and the lightning and thunder had stopped, how extremely odd I thought as I walked up to the door and I yelled out "knock, knock". I could see the windows were open and I had assumed that anyone inside would be able to hear me, then a voice answered "come on in!".

I stepped into the darkened room and I saw Magz sitting at her PC with a big smile on her face. I had completely forgotten about how foreboding everything looked when I had first arrived as we greeted each other with a hug. Then... darkness.

I woke up, my eyes straining to adjust to the darkness, I looked around as best as I could only to find myself tied down to a large, rough wooden rack of some kind, surrounded by a hundred burning candles in a small, very dark room. My arms and legs were bound with thick heavy ropes, I could barely move at all. Slowly I was able to make out that the walls were covered with cryptic symbols of all sorts and splattered with what appeared to be blood! I was afraid! I looked down at myself and noticed that my shirt was wide open and there was a circle and more symbols painted on my flesh. Then I heard a rustling sound near my head, I strained my neck to look around and saw a figure in a black cloak and hood, holding a gleaming, jeweled dagger! It was Magz, and she began chanting something in a low strange voice, moving closer to me and waving the dagger over my chest making circles and patterns with it and then I yelled at her, demanding to know what was going on! "You've been a naughty boy Sev, I must fix that, it's time for you to pay!" she said with a laugh. "Stop it! What are you doing? Stop this right now!" I screamed at her. She ignored my screams as she raised her arm high, gripping the dagger tightly and then, and then...

Happy Halloween!!