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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Keep on Blogging in the Free World...

Things change, sometimes for the good. Sometimes, not. I hope that moving this old blog will be a good one. I never did like the old URL, "spotsy" what the fuck was that about, you might ask. When I first set it up I tried quite a few different names that I liked (like 20) and they were all taken, so, I got pissed and I started typing in silly shit just to see what would work. Spotsy popped into my head for some strange reason (must have been sunspots) and I dropped it in and it worked! Out of sheer frustration I kept it, promising myself to change it somewhere along the way and I never did, till now!

Now I'm thinking about a name change as well, anyone have any good suggestions? I have a few possibilities in mind:
  • Meat Puppet Master
  • Dead Dogs Tell No Lies
  • Blogger King
  • This Old Blog
  • Seven in Dog Years
  • Dain Bramage
  • Coffee, Tea or Blog
  • Smells Like Ass
  • Sordid Tales by Seven
  • Seven's Silly Shit
  • Stupendous, the Blog
  • Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt, Didn't Stay for the Hat
  • Green Eggs and Ham (this one may be taken already)
  • As the Blog Turns

Those are just a few that passed thru my head, I'm sure you guys can come up with even better ones than that! Or just vote for your favorite. Hell, I might even award a prize to someone that comes up with something really cool!