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Monday, November 07, 2005

Post Katrina Tour

I've been curious about how well the French Quarter has been doing since Katrina and I finally decided it was time to go see for myself. I headed out with my camera about 10am this morning and decided to stroll around for a few hours, take some pics, and maybe have a bite to eat. Click all the images for a larger version!

Above: I had heard the Cafe Du Monde was reopened and were serving 24 hrs a day again. No way could I go down to the quarter without stopping in for a snack!

Above: Ahhh, cafe au lait and beignets! Damn this shit is good! Don't inhale when you try to get a steaming hot bite of one of those powdered sugar coated confections! It goes right into your nose and lungs and you can often see the unprepared patrons gagging and choking when they try to take a bite! hahaha

Above: This area in front of Jackson Square is usually crammed with artists hawking all kinds of works, prints, paintings and crafts. Totally deserted today. I wonder how it is on a weekend? Hmmm.

Above: I just had to get a picture of this interesting sign, you would think it might be a bar or music venue but it was actually just another crappy souvenir shop.

Above: I wanted to eat lunch here but they were closed in spite of the sign saying they were open. Central Grocery is supposedly the inventors of the original muffelata sandwich, man those are so good!

Above: This statue of Joan of Arc just cracked me up, the plaque on the base says it was a "gift" from France! This fucking thing was so goddamned gaudy looking I thought it was some kind of tribute to a dead gay frenchman or someshit. No doubt they either thought it was too ugly to display in their own country or they regifted it from Germany to us! And, I was surprised it had such a teeny, tiny little cock for a stallion!

Above: This photo is for Cootera, her favorite N.O. watering hole when she comes to town. The Chart Room was open! Yay! Of course, I just had to stop in for a little refreshment! The place was still in it's horribly dilapidated condition that gives it all it's cool and relaxing atmosphere, the cheap drinks are a big plus too! The only real damage I noticed was all the cloth awnings outside were missing.

Above: This photo is for Laurie, this is her favorite hotspot and karaoke bar when she comes to N.O. I'm sorry, but the Cats Meow hasn't reopened and there was no indication on the outside as to when it might. It didn't really look damaged except for the neon sign missing.

Above: This photo is for Jeanette who is so fond of talking about passing gas, I just happened to notice the book in a shop window and snapped a shot of it!

Above: This shot shows some of the worst damage that I saw down there during my little walking tour, not too bad! I know there was shitloads of cleanup being done since Katrina and it showed. The streets were reasonably clean and garbage free for the most part.

Above: The No Longer Super Dome, it actually looked pretty good, they've been working feverishly to repair the roof and it looked all finished from what I could see. I understand the interior is in pretty sorry shape though and won't be ready to reopen till next year some time. The last time I was inside this place was back in the freekin' late 70's! I went there to see the Stones and some totally unknown band at the time called Van Halen. That concert was the first time the dome had ever sold out in spite of the NFL having played there for like 5 seasons previous! Yeah, the Saints suck ass, always have always will! LOL

I also made a short video clip while I was there today, it's not all that great and my camera is made for stills, not video and I certainly ain't no Cecil B. De Speilberg or anything but it's kinda cool if ya wanna check it out!

Or you can download it here.

Have fun!!